Moon Knight – Episode 1: The Goldfish Problem

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review contains spoilers.

Disney is giving us something fresh with Moon Knight. It’s the first Marvel series we’ve had featuring a brand new character and the buzz surrounding it has been huge.

This first episode does a fantastic job of introducing us to bumbling, museum gift shop worker, Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac). At first, there’s an implication that Steven has a sleep disorder – perhaps he believes he’s an avid sleepwalker – as we see him strap himself to a bed surrounded by sand with the extra security of his door bolted inside his apartment at night. I love this being set in London and everything about Steven is quintessentially British.

It’s not long before we delve deeper into Steven and discover that he’s been suffering from blackouts and there are events he doesn’t remember happening. The action kicks off when he wakes up in the middle of nowhere in possession of a golden scarab and the voice he keeps hearing really isn’t making the situation any clearer. On the run from gunshots, he stumbles across god-like Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) who appears to be all-knowing in judging people’s balance of good and bad, dishing out punishments if they are deemed to be the latter.

You could be forgiven for a little confusion as the episode progresses as the voice Steven hears becomes more prominent. As danger increasingly presents a serious issue for him, the dissociated body disorder becomes clearer and we meet Marc Spector trying to convince Steven to give him control. This allows for some suited-up combat and seeing Steven/ Marc suited and booted as Moon Knight right at the end is a thrill.

‘The Goldfish Problem’ acts as a great origin story for this character, building some great pace resulting in some great action, and the beginnings of a story that really does leave you excited for more. Steven comes across as a really relatable and likable character and Oscar Isaac is a pleasure to watch. My favourite scene had to be the car chase in a cake van with Wham playing on the stereo. Watching Steve trying to reason with himself out loud while using cupcakes as weapons were so much fun. Its Egyptian roots add a lot of depth and the backstory of an Egyptian goddess, Ammit is really interesting. Ethan Hawke presents himself as an already formidable threat and I’m excited to see where Arthur Harrow takes us.

That stare into the camera at the end with definitely convince you to come back for episode 2!

What did you make of this first episode of Moon Knight? Let us know in the comments!

One reply to “Moon Knight – Episode 1: The Goldfish Problem

  1. I’ll never be able hear “wake me up before you go, go” and not pictured a giant cupcake rolling down the road with the Alps in background and I’m so happy about that!!!

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