Ghostbusters (2016) Trailer Review


The first trailer for the reboot of Ghostbusters has been released, and it’s safe to say that it has split fans right down the middle. You can watch the trailer below:

The sad thing is, that a lot of the negative comments are still coming from people not happy with an all-female cast. For me, this shouldn’t even be an issue in this day and age. If you love the original films, and don’t like the direction of the reboot then simply don’t watch it. This reboot does not take anything away from the original films, so why should it matter?

If you don’t like the direction of Feig and Dippold’s effort, I recommend you either stick to the original two films or play Ghostbusters: The Video Game. The 2009 game starred all of the original core cast, with Dan Akroyd and, the late, Harold Ramis having a strong say in the scriptwriting process. Akroyd himself has said that “This is essentially the third movie” – So there you go, enjoy and have fun with all the characters you love, all looking and sounding the way they did in the original movies.

On the flip side of that, there are also people who seem to think that if you are male and criticise  anything about this film it’s because you’re a misogynist. That is just as stupid as the people hating on this film for the cast being women. It’s yet another ridiculous viewpoint. Just because its a rebooted franchise, and the male characters have been replaced with women, does not mean the film is free from genuine criticism.

It’s unfortunate that I’ve had to spend time even talking about this, but there you go.


Before I look at the good things in the trailer, it’s only fair that I talk about the things that I felt this trailer didn’t get right.

Like most things, comedy is subjective. And for me, most of the jokes and gags didn’t land. Some of the comedic beats in this trailer seemed rather forced. The Exorcist gag was the worst of them all though, this type of scene has been done to death over the years, and it wasn’t the strongest scene they could have used to see out the trailer.

Another thing that didn’t sit well for me was the fact that the three white stars, are brilliant scientists, yet the black star is simply “street wise”. What is wrong with just making them all scientists? Ok, so Ernie Hudson was used as the “everyday Joe” character to try and bring the audience in to the film, but did we really need to go down that route again?

I also thought the trailer was cut in a really strange way, the pacing seemed off and there never seemed to be that build up to a big finish. The film should have ended with all the Ghostbusters firing their Proton Packs for the first time, instead they deflate the build up with the lame Exorcist gag. The trailer started off well, but had one too many missteps during the most part.

The biggest complaint I have about the trailer is the misleading opening credits. It infers that this film is a continuation, but then we see people apparently seeing ghosts for the first time, and the equipment being created as a brand new thing. This makes no sense. It’s a reboot. Stick to that. You can try to play the nostalgia angle as much as you like, it is not going to win over half the fan base. Be your own thing.


In terms of the cast, I thought Kate McKinnon came out the strongest in this trailer (despite hardly speaking). She looks fun, and it looks like she is going to kick some serious ectoplasm. Maybe it was the lack of dialogue that made me like her. McCarthy and Jones just seemed to want to shout a lot.
Again it’s subjective, but I’m not a fan of Melissa McCarthy’s comedy, she is one trick pony and she was how I expected her to be in this. Kristen Wiig is a solid leading actress, she is genuinely funny so there are no complaints there. Hopefully Leslie Jones will have more to do than what was shown in the first trailer.

So, time to look at what the trailer got right!

5 Things From The Trailer:


Your New Favourite Ghostbuster

SNL’s Kate McKinnon came out the strongest out of all the cast, and hopefully her character Dr Jillian Holtzmann goes on to do more than look cool (Captain Phasma). Hopefully she gets plenty of screen time and doesn’t fade in to the background or get shouted over by McCarthy. Hopefully in the next trailer we get a lot more dialogue from her as the next trailer focuses in on the main story. There is a worry she could be more style over substance, but hopefully that is not the case. Whether by coincidence or design, I love how Holtzmann looks like Egon from the cartoon series. I always preferred the animated adaptions to the films.



Slimer Is Back

While the film’s opening scene was a copy of the encounter in the library from the original Ghostbusters film, it was nice to see a much more welcome nod to the Ghostbusters universe. That is of course the return of Slimer. He’s an iconic character, so was nice to see him back. Hopefully they can use him sparingly and no overuse him. I’d be happy with one or two scenes.


Gear Up

I love the new design of the Proton Packs and ghost bear trap. It’s a modern update but looks even more homemade than the originals. The colours in the Proton Packs also look very crisp and dynamic. The variations of weapons is also very interesting. In the 2009 video game, you got to play with a range of new types of ghostbusting weaponry, so it will be fun to see a more varied approach in terms of their ghostbusting equipment.


Jokes On You

While I said that a lot of the jokes in the trailer didn’t land for me, I did laugh at the trailer, once. It was the wig joke that got me the most (again subjective), so as long as there is more spots of humour like that then I don’t think this film will have a problem. It’s hard to judge jokes in a trailer, the jokes in the Deadpool trailer were overused by the time it came to seeing them in the film, they fell a little flat. But you find other things to laugh at that you haven’t seen before, so hopefully there are more good bits of a comedy that we won’t get to see until the film is released. The signs are hopeful. Maybe.


Visually Spooky

There are some who won’t like the CGI design and visual style of this trailer, but in terms of a summer box office popcorn movie, it does the job. Let’s face it, this film has been shot for 3D, and with that comes the cartoonish looking ghosts and overuse of CGI. The colours are very visually striking and do stand out, this will be yet another way of separating itself from the original films allowing this version of Ghostbusters to have its own identity.

If there is one remaining niggle from this first trailer, it’s that it does look like it has the potential to turn in to Pixels. If that happens, then this film will need its own exorcism.

There are going to be people wanting this film to fail, and while I love the original films and don’t like films like Bridesmaids or The Heat…I don’t want this film to fail. I don’t feel like a film from my childhood has been butchered, or been ‘ruined by feminism’. In all honesty I don’t have strong opinions on the film either way.
Some jokes were bad, others were good. Some ghost looked suspect, some looked decent. Some casting had me sighing, other casting had be giving it a big thumbs up. The film is going to be a mix bag. But either way there will be something for most people to enjoy.

A trailer that had some highs and lows. But there are a few positives to take out of this, and hopefully there will be more good things to come when the film is released in the summer.

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