Darkwave: Edge Of The Storm Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

I first heard of the film at EM Con 2016, when I stumbled upon their stand whilst filming at the event. I had a nice chat with director Darren Scales about the project and I have been eagerly awaiting its release ever since. Now that time has arrived, and after three viewings back-to-back it’s safe to say it lived up to, if not exceeded, my expectations.

If you haven’t watched the film yet, you can check it out below as well as read the synopsis.


One hundred years from now, the DARKWAVE has left mankind stranded across the galaxy. On a distant planet, New Earth 72, a young family is on the run, escaping from the clutches of the Ministry. David, Sarah, and their young son Ben, stumble across a burning outpost. Starving and fatigued, they risk capture to stop and search for supplies, only to discover the terrifying cause of the outpost’s destruction. More dark secrets are revealed before a deafening noise of an approaching starfighter forces them to seek escape. As the ominous machine hovers above, the Ministry’s reason for hunting them is spectacularly revealed.

The film is visually striking and the camera work really helps enhance the onscreen performances by the actors. The quality of the visual imagery really allows you to become immersed in the action. The filming techniques used vary to help keep the film moving and are expertly executed.


The props and set designs were authentic and original. From the tracking devices to the weaponry, the attention to detail really helped add another level to the film. It wasn’t just the props that stood out though, the locations had a cold harshness to them. These sets and real world environments helped to create a sense of isolation that blended perfectly with the film’s story and aesthetic.

The soundtrack was truly beautiful, adding and enhancing keys moments throughout the film. Whether it was a scene of raw emotion or intense action, the music perfectly captured the visual imagery and helped to evoke a range of emotions whilst watching the film.


There is no doubt that from a technical point of view, Darkwave: Edge of the Storm is a truly exceptional piece of filmmaking. It surpasses any type of ‘fan film’ classification due to its high production value and practical execution. But no matter how good your film looks and sounds if you cannot deliver with the story and acting a film will never reach its true potential.

No fear here. The story is exciting and compelling, with a great focus on the family dynamic in a futuristic scenario. As interesting as the sci-fi elements were to the story, it was the drama contained within the family unit that stood out the most. The love and struggles were there for you to clearly see, and thanks to some truly brilliant acting, the story was a resounding success.


I mentioned the brilliant acting, and it’s safe to say casting Nathalie Cox was a masterstroke. While she is best known for her role as Juno Eclipse in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games, it is in this film that her undoubted talent truly shines. She had the ability to convey both strength and fragility throughout her performance, making her character extremely captivating. You believed her tears, you truly felt that she would do anything for her family. A wonderful performance.

The other main lead was Robin Kirwan, who just like Cox, was brilliant here. He made the role his own and showed plenty of hints that his character is more complex than you may realise. The chemistry between Cox and Kirwan really helped to compliment the film further and was a strong asset. A special mention also has to go to Shane Rimmer. Not only did he voice Scott Tracy in the original Thunderbirds, he’s also starred in films like Dr Strangelove and Batman Begins. Having a veteran actor of his calibre is just a further example of the quality of the movie and its production.


The only downside to the film, and it was a major issue, was that it was not long enough! This film, and the Darkwave universe that has already been established deserves much more exploration. Whether that is in the form of another short, a feature length, or a series. Given the vast amount of potential in the story, a series would do the universe much more justice.

Darkwave: Edge of the Storm is a dramatic and exciting film with a truly satisfying story. Brilliant acting is combined with stunning visual and practical effects, this film is destined to be a success.

Be sure to check out Darkwave Pictures for more information about the making of the film. You should also check out The Drift, a feature-length film set within the Darkwave universe.


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