Logan Review


This review is spoiler free.

Mutant-kind as we know it is gone. An aged Logan is no longer healing, Charles Xavier has all but lost his mind. The flames that have burned brightly for almost eighteen years is about to be snuffed out forever. Yes, this may be a depressing way to start a review, but if you’ve already seen Logan, then you know first-hand that there is a little happiness to be found in this movie. Why should the review be any different?

Yes, the movie is extremely depressing and all your joy is sucked out of you within the film’s first act. It sets the tone very, very quickly. The film is essentially Rogue, it drains your life-force until the credits roll, where you’re left empty and broken.


OK, so the movie is very heavy going throughout. But it has some of the finest, captivating character performances you will ever see. OK, so people like to poke fun at Jackman’s acting, but that is very harsh. Hugh Jackman puts in a career best performance, and along with Patrick Stewart, the two leads of this movie deliver an absolutely outstanding performance. They are given plenty of screen time to finally reach their characters true potential on an emotional and personal level.

If Jackman and Stewart are the mixtures that makes this delicious acting cake, then the cherry on the top is definitely Dafne Keen. Her performance as Laura was outstanding. She is a visceral character who, on this performance, could definitely carry her own solo movie. Forget re-casting Hugh Jackman. Dafne Keen should assume the mantle of the Wolverine, no question about that.


Logan is very much a different kind of X-Men movie. It’s visual style, tone and story all complement each other and create a very engaging and captivating movie.
If all the depressing dialogue is not your cup of tea, then don’t worry, the film’s action scenes will fill your blood-lust. The film earns its rating, with levels of brutality and violence that are rarely seen in a movie containing such a mainstream superhero character.

Despite all the good, Logan does have its negatives.

First of all, Logan is essentially a mish-mash of pretty much everything Wolverine has done before in both his solo films and within the X-Men universe. There are similar beats, themes and scenes throughout the movie.


The final act was also not as strong as the rest of the movie, and the contrast in quality was extremely noticeable. While brilliant character development was given to Jackman and Stewart, the villains were an afterthought yet again, disposable and throwaway like so many others in the genre. OK, so it didn’t really hurt the story too much, as it wasn’t the focus. It just felt like a wasted opportunity to inject something different into proceedings. It’s a hard, depressing watch, and after a while, you do grow a little tired of being hit over the head, as the film continually tries to beat the message into you that this is a film lacking in happy endings.

Logan is a fitting exit for Jackman & Stewart. A brutal and emotional journey, filled with astonishing character acting and crafted with unimpeachable direction. The problems the film has denies it from reaching greatness but take nothing away from what is a brutally brilliant movie.


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