IT Trailer Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

The first trailer, albeit a teaser, for IT has landed and boy did it deliver! Not only did it provide moments of pure terror, but also it also looks a visually striking film as well.

As a big fan of the source material and the 90s mini-series, I was on the fence about an updated remake. However, as the casting news started to trickle in I began to feel a little more confident. And after the snippets of press photos were released I began to have high hopes for the project.

The original mini-series followed the Losers’ Club as both children and adults, with the format constantly switching between the past and the present. This movie, however, is solely from the kids perspective and won’t feature any present day storyline. IF the movie is successful, then the plan is to make this film a ‘Part 1’ with a sequel (‘Part 2′) following in the footsteps of the Losers’ Club as adults with a final showdown with Pennywise the Clown.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check the trailer out yourself, before going on to my top five trailer moment picks.

5 Things From The Trailer:


The S.S Georgie

In one of the IT‘s most memorable scenes, Georgie is seen chasing his boat in the heavy rainfall. The choice of shots used for this scene was pretty special, with the camerawork giving off a real sense of movement. The contrast of colours is also very striking, and as the rest of the trailer shows, this film is going to look very nice indeed. The final shot of this opening scene sees Georgie’s boat get sucked into the drain, and that leads me on to my next pick…


We All Float Down Here

Our first glimpse of Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise The Dancing Clown may have been brief, but it did enough in terms of immediately switching the tone. His horrific image also sticks with you throughout the duration of the trailer.
Having a younger actor play the role is a fresh new take on the character, and while it will definitely work visually when he’s with the kids, his interactions with adults, in a possible sequel, will be more of a test from a visual point of view.


The Losers’ Club

We get a nice shot of the Losers’ Club looking through some slides, which ultimately takes a very sinister turn. This scene has been updated for the new movie, as in both the book and the mini-series a scrapbook, rather than a projector slide show, was the focal point.
Afer the recent success of, the excellent Stranger Things, which took from this style of material, this movie should hopefully have extra appeal in terms of reaching a wider audience.


Horror 101

For this, you just need to sit back and appreciate how well-framed this shot is. In a trailer packed full of striking imagery, this moment, in particular, emphasises what this movie is all about.
The framing, the colours and the actors in the frame all combine perfectly to create such a visual treat. This is horror at it’s finest.


Apocalypse Clown

One key factor to Pennywise is his striking yellow eyes. And in a moment taken straight from Apocalypse Now, we get another stunning visual horror moment.
The intensity in those yellow eyes was awe-inspiring and really helped to bring real menace, to an already truly horrifying scene.

Despite all the positives, I wasn’t so keen on the ending, with Pennywise shaking as he charged towards the camera. It felt a little too out of place with the rest of the horror beats in the trailer.
There was also a sense that some of the humour may be missing, but as this is only a teaser, hopefully, this is addressed further down the line.

With that being said, I’m definitely onboard now. It looks visually stunning and it looks genuinely scary.

What did you think about the IT trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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