The Highs & Lows Of The Walking Dead Season 7


By Katie Stubbs (@katieee120 |

Hey everybody! Well, Season 7 of The Walking Dead is over and I think it’s safe to say that this season has been up and down. I found the middle of Season 2, where the crew spent quite some time looking for Sophia, alright even though a lot of people found that part of the season dull. I also enjoyed the parts of Season 5/6 where the group is just travelling through the Atlanta Georgia wilderness but other people didn’t.

Now this season has definitely received a lot of criticism and I tend to agree with some of it, not all of it but definitely some of it. I would like it if we stopped having full episodes focused on one character, even the 90 minutes episodes are sometimes focused on one character. This isn’t to say that I dislike the characters that had their own episode (Tara, Eugene) but I feel like me and a lot of other people like the episodes where the whole group features. Keep the Tara at Oceanside stuff in or the Eugene at The Saviours camp in but also keep the rest of the group in. When the episode is focused on one character and not that even big of a character the audience will tend to lose interest. This happened during the 2nd half of Season 4 when the prison was destroyed and it got a very a similar reaction. So that is one of my two big criticisms about this season.


The other big criticism is the pacing. The pace of this season has been all over the place and unfortunately, it’s been more slow than progressive. Too many times this season we had a really well-paced episode and we think things are heating up for next episode but nope we go and focus on another character and not much happens. A good example would be episode 13, the episode that focuses heavily on The Kingdom and their struggles with The Saviours. That was a great episode, definitely one of my favourites of the season. Good action, drama and good pacing but then the next episode focused heavily on Sasha, Rosita and they’re suicidal plan to take out The Saviours. Again the pacing was all over the place for that episode, we had small scenes of action but too many scenes of long winded, not needed conversations and that has been the story since the season premier. This isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy this season.

There are parts of this season that I really liked. The new characters that we have been introduced to this season (not the garbage people) like Ezikiel and Shiva, Dwight and of course Negan are great. I feel like they have been strong additions to the show and will definitely provide some great, emotional entertainment next season. Some of the Walkers that we have seen this season were awesome and I hope they only get better in Season 8 and that we see more of them.


I also have enjoyed certain character’s journeys this season especially Eugene, who has grown a pair and stepped up albeit for the wrong side, and Morgan who has drifted from his path of not killing anybody back into the realms of insanity or his “clear” mode, which I do find pretty awesome.

So I did enjoy certain aspects of this season and as much as I also complained about it I am really looking forward to next season where a lot of stuff is going to go down and quite a few beloved characters are going to bite the dust. As Negan said, “We are going to WAR!” So looking forward to next season’s ALL OUT WAR!

What are you look forward to the most in Season 8?

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