The X-Files: Stolen Lives Review


The X-Files: Stolen Lives is written by Joe Harris and The X-Files creator Chris Carter. This full-cast production has been brought to life for Audible by the legendary Dirk Maggs.

The synopsis for the story is:

Demonic possession. Flesh-eating swarms. Mind-altering hallucinogenic trips.
Listeners experience it all alongside Mulder and Scully in this original dramatization that reunites Duchovny and Anderson once more with fan-favorite characters: Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis), and the Lone Gunmen (Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood).

The pieces have been set in motion. Those who were once savagely sought after will exact their revenge. Until their victims’ lives are no longer their own.

©2016 The X-Files ™ & © 2016 Twentieth Century Fox


First all, it is not essential to have listened to the previous audiobook Cold Cases. However, it does require you to be pretty up-to-date with The X-Files. Unlike in Cold Cases, the majority of the stories are pushing forwards rather than adding to the previous canon. If you are going to check this audiobook out however, I would recommend listening to Cold Cases beforehand as it just flows better.

With Dirk Maggs involved, you know the production value is going to be very high. And just like the previous audiobook, he delivers with perfect execution. The biggest issue I had with the previous audiobook was the performance of David Duchovny and a few members of the supporting cast. Duchovny’s performance in Stolen Lives is night and day. This time around he really invests his time into the role which bodes well for the future of this series. The same goes for the supporting cast, the niggling performances have been ironed out and now everyone is producing their best.


In terms of the story, the writing is once again classic X-Files. You get all the plot beats you’d expect for an X-Files product. There was appreciation of the old, but with the desire to progress into unknown territory. This fine balance was never over stacked and it helped the overall story flow, despite having a lot of story to try and get in.

The run time is shorter than that of Cold Cases, but they do a much better job of handling all the multiple story lines. There is just a much smoother flow to the storytelling and some of the rough edges of the previous audiobook have well and truly been smoothed out.

Overall, The X-Files: Stolen Lives was an enjoyable listen and has planted a lot of seeds of excitement for the future of the series. The production quality is outstanding and across the board the cast bring their A-game. If you’re an X-Files fan, this is definitely a must listen. 

The X-Files: Stolen Lives is available to buy on Audible UKdeadpool-4

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