Arrow: S6E14 ‘Collision Course’ – Review


By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

Contains spoilers.

After the murder of Cayden James, Oliver is seeking answers and feeling the pressure to retrieve the money which Cayden took. He promises to have it within 48 hours but there’s one little problem … it’s disappeared, and Laurel is caught on camera with it.

Tensions rise majorly between OTA and NTA this week as tempers reach boiling point. Dinah is still on the rampage, looking for Laurel and while Rene and Curtis don’t think she’s doing the right thing, they try to help her. Oliver makes it clear that he won’t let Dinah hurt Laurel and Dinah makes a very valid point in accusing Oliver of enforcing his ‘no killing’ rule as a cover-up for protecting Laurel because of who she looks like.


While everyone is frantic looking for Laurel, Quentin has been secretly nursing her back to health in a cabin. Thea finds out and tells Oliver – which causes more trouble than she thinks as Rene has bugged Oliver with an audio chip after goading him into a squabble earlier on. Dinah feels even more rage when she hears Oliver agree to help Laurel and Quentin flee from Star City so they can start a new life where the Black Canary can’t find her.

A nasty fight breaks out at the cabin when Dinah and her crew show up to stop the great escape. It’s clear these two sides are no longer friends as Oliver seriously hurts Rene and Dinah knocks Quentin out to get to Laurel. In the end, it’s Curtis who manages to talk Dinah out of killing Laurel just in time, and Laurel manages to run off to freedom. While these scenes are actually very very good, it’s painful to watch. I’m more of a ‘can’t we all just get along’ kind of guy and as this season progresses it looks less likely that there will be any redemption for the two sides.


Rene finds himself in the hospital with a collapsed lung due to his bullet wound being reopened, and a Nurse tells Dinah and Curtis that he will be transferred to a hospital outside of Star City to get the treatment he needs. Felicity and Diggle come to check on him but are left in no doubt of the others feelings towards them as they are told to leave.

Laurel creeps up on a truck driver at the end of the episode and claims that she has just escaped a kidnapper after two years. When asked her name she replies Laurel Lance. Well, this is going to end up awkward when she finds her way back to Star City.

A very good episode here but the issues between the two teams are starting to give me anxiety! Oliver is stubborn, Dinah is stubborn and with Curtis losing his rag now reconciliation seems impossible.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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