Arrow: S6E15 ‘Doppelgänger’ – Review


By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

Contains spoilers.

There are a few stories running throughout this episode but the main thing to get excited about is Colton Haynes reprises his role as Roy Harper this week!!!! We start off at City Hall with Oliver receiving some good news for a change. His lawyer thinks she can get the case against him dismissed as a result of Cayden’s death. However, before Oliver finishes his deep sigh of relief he gets news that there’s a new witness testifying against him. That would be the reason Roy is back in town then.

Laurel has caused a buzz with her reappearance in Star City after apparently being held hostage by Damien Darhk for two years. Evil Laurel plays this very well and leaves Oliver and the others no choice but to play along. She blackmails him into continuing to do so too. After hearing the news Dinah goes straight after her to prove she’s not the real Laurel Lance. She’s later taken to see Diaz who demands his share of the money she stole, but also tries to convince her to stay and work with him.


Felicity’s brains come in handy once again as she puts together pieces of the puzzle and realises that Roy is being forced to testify against Oliver by either Diaz or Anatoly. Oliver discovers that official papers had been faked documenting Cayden James’ transfer to prison and they also work out that not only has Diaz or Anatoly double crossed Cayden, but that they have the police working for them too. Knowing that Roy is in danger, Thea immediately demands her Speedy costume and off her and Oliver go to get him. When Thea finds Roy he’s strapped to a chair and being beaten into agreeing to grass Oliver up. When he’s left alone, Thea tries to save him (after the two make time to make out) against the instructions of her brother, but runs out of time and is carted out of the room before she’s found. It’s brilliant seeing Thea and Roy back together. It just brings back memories of the good old days and they totally share an on-screen chemistry that many other actors don’t have. The moment they are reunited is magical.

Laurel returns to the team and tells them all Diaz’s plan. Oliver Thea and Diggle head to the casino where Roy has been taken to, to save him. Thea is brilliant in these scenes as she goes stealth mode to save her fella. Roy is brought him back to Arrow HQ. Oliver thanks Laurel for helping them, and she seems pretty convincing that she wants to be good until she gets a text from Diaz congratulating her on a job well done.


At the end of the episode, Thea and Roy rekindle the physical side of their relationship unaware that someone is watching them through the window. The League of Assassins have been looking for Ra’s al Ghul’s heir and it would appear that they’ve found her.

Love love loved this episode. 1 because it featured Roy and 2 because Thea was freaking awesome the whole way through. It’s easy to forget how good she was as part of the team and also of what a good fighter her father trained her up to be. Roy is integral to the whole Arrow story and his presence is still missed now – Colton why can’t you just come back for good!!!

Also, Laurel is playing a good game but somewhere along the way she’s going to find herself unstuck.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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