Arrow: S6E18 ‘Fundamentals’ – Review

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By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

Contains spoilers.

It’s getting pretty lonely down in the Arrow cave. However, Felicity is still by Oliver’s side and she’s found surveillance footage showing that Diaz is at SCPD every night at 10.13. She also manages to coax Diggle into meeting her, but when he comes face to face with Oliver again it’s clear that the pair are far from reconciling.

Oliver meets with Quentin and Councilman Kullens ahead of his hearing. Things aren’t looking great for him, and a handshake with Kullens at the end of their meeting absorbs the vertigo drug into Oliver’s system. Unaware of being drugged, he rushes home to take William to his science fair but as the drug seeps in he causes mayhem. He accuses Felicity of not doing her job properly, after actually finding evidence that shows Hill and Armand are working with Diaz and then smashes up William’s project. Felicity tells him to leave.

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Oliver heads back to his cave and begins hallucinating. To begin with, he imagines Felicity arriving to tell him that she wants a break, meaning he really is on his own now. A vicious knock at the door brings Adrian Chase out and the pair start fighting. Things go all A Christmas Carol for Oliver as he faces many of the ghosts from his past, and actually many of the situations Diggle accused him of creating last week are still evidentially playing on his mind. Visits from Laurel, Rene, Curtis and Dinah show him some of the errors of his ways. His last visitor is The Green Arrow who tells him he’s lost sight of his mission and that he has, in fact, failed his city. Firstly, my heart rate doubled with excitement to see Adrian Chase again, but also this was the first time I noticed how differently Katie Cassidy plays the two Laurels. I’d never really thought of it before, but even just down to her hair and facial expression – it’s pretty damn good acting!

Still high on vertigo and seeing Adrian everywhere, Oliver makes it to court over an hour late. Felicity’s evidence is his only card, and he presents it claiming that The Green Arrow gave it to him. This just draws even more suspicion about him and Quentin cuts the hearing short claiming that Oliver has a family emergency to see to. I

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In his office, he interacts with Adrian again, who tells him that he has to take down Diaz tonight if he has any chance of protecting himself as The Green Arrow and The Mayor. He heads straight to SCPD. He knocks Quentin out when he tries to stop him but is eventually caught up to by Felicity who manages to talk him round.

Really enjoyed how this episode worked. If like me, you assumed this episode was all about bringing the team back together you’d be wrong. Oliver makes the decision to go back to basics, as he feels going it completely alone is the only way he’s going to stop Diaz. Gutted! Well, he can certainly give 100% attention to Diaz now as he gets impeached at the end of the episode, meaning that Quentin Lance is the new Mayor of Star City.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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