Dark Phoenix Trailer #2 Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

So the latest trailer for Dark Phoenix has landed, and to be honest, I’m very underwhelmed.

While there are some interesting moments in the trailer, my initial reaction is that this is just a rehash of X-Men: The Last Stand. Yes, I know, it’s a very reactionary response, but there are a lot of blatant similarities. While these X-Men films have had some great performances, the storylines haven’t always delivered. And with something so iconic and complex as ‘The Dark Phoenix Saga’, I think my concern is justified.


The film should revolve around Sophie Turner, which for me is a problem as I think her acting isn’t the best at times. This role requires a massive performance to truly do the material justice. And I’m just not fully convinced Turner can pull it off.

Another thing that concerns me is how much the trailer has shown us. They imply that we witness the death of Mystique. But they also throw Quicksilver into the same scene so it could be a bluff. But we don’t see Mystique in, what you’d imagine being the later stages of the movie. Plus Beast is looking very sad, so it would hint at Mystique rather than Quicksilver. Or could they both be killed? I feel the body count could be very high given that this their swansong before they fold into Disney. Losing Mcavoy and Fassbender is a downer for me. I hope Disney, somehow, keep hold of them. I want my Erik and Charles ‘Lost In Savage Land’ movie dammit!

Before we breakdown, the trailer, make sure you’ve seen it yourself! You can check it out below:

As always we pick out the TOP 5 moments that stood out the most.

5 Things From The Trailer:


Who Dis?

There has been so much debate on who Jessica Chastain is playing in Dark Phoenix. All we know is that she is an alien shapeshifter. She has been described as “the devil on Jean’s shoulder”. It would be a safe assumption that she is connected to the Phoenix in some way, or is at least very knowledgeable about it.

We know the Shi’ar are set to introduce here, so my thoughts point towards either Lilandra or Deathbird. Though I would not be surprised to see them mix these two characters together to form something new. From the trailer, she has more of a look of Lilandra, even down to her suggested powers. But she lacks the villain vibe, which is why I find myself leaning towards this Lilandra-Deathbird hybrid.


Space, The Final Frontier

The big pull for me, when it comes to any ‘Phoenix’ film, is the space elements. And while the majority of the trailer focuses on the ground, there is a slight glimmer of a chance that we will be getting more space-time this time around. Will it be anywhere near the amount to satisfy me? No. I fully expect the space aspects to feature at the beginning when Jean first acquires the powers. Hopefully, I’m wrong, but Fox’s record doesn’t fill me with confidence.


Eye For An Eye

So in X-Men: The Last Stand we had Jean take out the professor. Does this scene imply that Erik is on the chopping block this time around? There are noticeable parallels, including the peeling of the walls. Is Magneto about to get dusted? The most striking thing about this scene is seeing Magneto’s impenetrable helmet being crushed into his head. This just really hammers home the power of the Phoenix. Fassbender is selling his anguish and struggle perfectly.


Phoenix Nights

I’ve already stated that I’m not totally sold on Sophie Turner, so I’m never going to be really fully convinced by her as Jean Grey. That said though, there is a glimmer of hope that my mind might be changed on this. Her normal acting isn’t great, but when she has more intense scenes, we see a different type of performance. This trailer seems to suggest that it will be very heavy at times, so maybe she can pull it out of the bag. I’m going into this film with an open mind and ready to change my viewpoint. But we shall see.


Throwback Xdays

The trailer is packed full of throwbacks to the original trilogy, which really adds to that final film feel. We have Jean in a reddish coat, very similar to Famke Janssen in The Last Stand. There is also another Last Stand nod with the train scene being very similar to Magneto freeing Mystique from the moving prison truck.

The most noticeable throwback, however, is when we get a very familiar scene involving Magneto and some guns. Think back to X-Men. Ian McKellen is walking out of the building only to be confronted by the law. He uses his powers to take all their weapons and turn them on their owners. Here we see Fassbender’s Magneto with his own arsenal of flying guns. A nice touch.

While there are some positive moments in the trailer, it all feels very familiar. It feels like a re-hash of X-Men: The Last Stand. This feels like an attempt to deliver where they have failed previously when handling the Dark Phoenix material. While I’m sure they will surpass their 2006 attempt, it is a very low bar to reach. But, as with every X-Men movie, I go into it with an open mind. Here’s hoping for another cracking performance from Fassbender and Mcavoy.

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