The Walking Dead (Full Season 9 Review)


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno ) & Robert Ernest (@thatRobster )

Contains spoilers.

Season 9 of The Walking Dead was a return to form, with some saying it has reignited their love for the show. This was no easy task, as the past few seasons have felt a little rudderless and inconsistent. With the arrival of new showrunner Angela Kang, she has managed to transform the show in to entertainment again.

Ben and Rob sit down to chat about Season 9. What they liked, disliked and the hopes for the future of The Walking Dead.


Overall Thoughts On Season 9

Robert: Season 9 was incredible. I’d go so far to say that it’s my favourite season to date. Over the past few years a lot of people have switched off with this show and in fairness, at times, it’s been a slog to keep going. With big cast departures, they had to bring something big and the time jump really did that. It brought fresh energy to the show which was much needed.

Ben: Yeah. It has been a struggle the last couple of years, but this season really turned things around. It makes the struggle feel worth it in a way. I really like the new format of the show and the direction it appears to be heading. I’d say it’s been tweaked and refined, rather than starting from scratch.

Robert:  We got all the classic components which make The Walking Dead work. Happiness, harmony, desperation, despair, misery… we felt it all. I have found it difficult at times to keep up with who is who as the cast has gradually got bigger but there have been some great additions this season.

Ben: They have made some good additions, you’re right. And I also agree with you on the cast. It’s too large. Those numbers need to come down further as he heads into the next season. That’s why, in a way, I’m glad we lost the Kingdom. The locations are just as bloated. So by getting our main and secondary characters whittled down to a few locations should help things.


Best Moment

Ben: I know we’ll talk about this later, but for me the best moment was Jesus dying. I know that’s weird because I loved the character! But it was just that duck and stab move that just fully confirmed The Whisperers arrival. It was a shocking moment. I was sat there, opened mouthed. This was the moment the show changed for me.

Robert: I would have to say Michonne’s battle with the freaky kids. That whole episode was brilliantly played out. In a show where we’ve seen many, many gruesome deaths (Glenn springs to mind as the worst) the scene where Michonne is backed into a corner and has no option but to kill these kids was so poignant. They didn’t even need to show her actions on the screen for us to be gripped and shaken by what was happening. It was devastating. However, some good did come from it and Michonne decided to connect with her friends again which made the main cast feel complete once more.

Cheekily, I have to just quickly add one more scene in – Connie running through the cornfield to save a baby from being killed by The Whisperers was stunning. A great moment of television right there!


Worst Moment

Robert: I’m going to be controversial here. Rick’s final scene really disappointed me. The whole episode built up to us believing that he was going to die and with that, our emotions were building up to it too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s still alive and it fills me with the hope that he may return at some point BUT it all just felt like an anti-climax. I find it hard to believe that he would leave Judith behind too, especially after losing Carl.

Ben: Uh-oh. We’re gonna get letters after that! Haha. I get what you’re saying though. At the time I was in the moment. Seeing one of my favourite TV characters of all time die. The way the scene played out was perfect. But yeah, the aftermath took a little gloss off of it.

For me, it would have to be in the mid-season finale. Henry and the Hilltop kids. Just anything to do with them at all in fairness. Even in E15, they are pulling childish pranks by saying Henry likes Addy. Just stupid stuff like that.


Most Upsetting Death

Robert: The death I was most upset about was Jesus. I really loved the character for so many different reasons. He was calm and gentle and at many points was a voice of reason, yet a total badass when he needed to be. I do understand that the introduction of The Whisperers needed to bring in a shock but I think he had a lot more to give.

Ben: Rick for me. Though I was also robbed of that as he’s not actually dead. But in that specific moment, as it happened, that got to me. Regardless of the fact it was announced and that we all knew it was coming. Other than that, there hasn’t been a death that has really blown my mind or left me in shock.


Hopes And Theories For Season 10

Ben: I said in the finale review and in our predictions that I’m hoping for The Commonwealth at some point. It doesn’t have to be right away. The could introduce it after the mid-season finale of Season 10. I hope they do go there, but I don’t want that to be at the expense of rushing through the war with The Whisperers.

Robert: Well it’s going to continue heavily with The Whisperers, isn’t it. Alpha and Beta are both fantastic villains in their own right so I look forward to more of them.

Ben: Exactly. There’s still so much story left to tell with these characters and I’m very eager for them to add Negan into the mix!

Robert: I know in the comics, Negan makes his way to Alpha but I’d really like him to start becoming part of the team. Michonne seems to be softening to him and he’s shown that deep down he has a good heart (if he likes you). He brings humour and you just can’t guess what he’s going to do next. I also really enjoy the relationship he has with Judith. It’s a joy to watch.

Ben: I’ve been saying this all season. When he’s on-screen, it’s been nothing but TV gold. Having that talk with Michonne in the finale is the start of it I think. Michonne is the biggest obstacle to get past. But there are signs she’s weakening. So fingers crossed on that one!


Robert: Carol and Daryl are my favourites and I wanted to jump through the tv and deck Ezekiel for trying to keep them apart. I hope we get to see more of their relationship. However, not romantically. There’s a spark between Daryl and Connie and that would be interesting if continued.

Ben: No. I think we are definitely past that at this point.

Robert: I really hope Maggie returns for Season 10. Michonne’s departure is going to be another big blow that would be softened if we had Maggie back. And I hope we don’t have to wait too long to find out who the voice on the radio was!

Ben: Oh she will come back at some point, for sure. But unlike your good-self, this isn’t a positive for me. I have never liked her as a character. So if she never came back, I could happily live with that! I also desperately need more of Aaron next season. Once again, criminally underused.

So there you have it! Our thoughts and feelings on The Walking Dead Season 9. What was your thoughts on the season? Let us know in the comments or on one of our social media channels!

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