Game of Thrones: S8E1 – Spoiler Talk


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno ) & Robert Ernest (@thatRobster )

Contains spoilers.

The final season of Game of Thrones is underway! As well as the episode review, each week Ben and Rob will sit down to discuss the episode! So that means for the next six weeks you’ll be getting a double dose of Game of Thrones goodness!

Each week, Ben and Rob will look at the episodes best moments, what they didn’t like, the MVP character and what they think will happen next. As always we welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback!

If you haven’t done so already, you can check out our S8E1 review.


Best Moments

Robert: There were so many great moments this week and I really liked that we were eased back in. This episode was all about reunions and there were so many pairings who found each other again which was so exciting that you just couldn’t help but squeal. I’ve always loved the relationship between Arya and The Hound. On the surface, they detest each other, but it’s clear there’s a deeper understanding there.

Ben: The reunions, the throwbacks to previous episodes, especially all the parallels with the first-ever episode. It was just what you wanted. We got all these great character interactions and it just gave you that amazing feeling inside.

Robert: The hug between Jon and Arya was a special moment – we’ve waited a long time for them to be reunited. I’m looking forward to Jon seeing her in battle as she completely played down her use of needle and the skills she has. Tormund’s line ‘I’ve always had blue eyes’ made me laugh out loud. Lastly, Jaime and Bran catching each other’s eye were fantastic. It’s crazy to think of how much both these characters have changed from the very first episode and the journey that unravelled for them after Jaime pushed Bran out of the window.

Ben: Exactly! No one is the same person that they started out as in the first episode. We’ve been on this incredible journey and it’s just a shame that it’s coming to an end.

Robert: Yeah. All of this really does give that feeling of journeys coming full circle and things wrapping up.


The Not So Good

Robert: Maybe I’m just still caught up in the hype but I actually can’t find anything I didn’t like. I was expecting death but the lack of blood only means the next 5 episodes will be jam-packed.

Ben: There was nothing that bothered me, as like you I was just so excited for the show’s return and it was so well-paced, I didn’t really have any complaints. If I’m being picky, I thought the waterfall scene was a little cheesy, and I still don’t think Jon or Daenerys have good chemistry.


Episode MVP

Ben: I gushed about him enough in my episode review, so I won’t repeat it all, but for me, it was easily Sam. Fantastic performance from start to finish and I loved every single second of it.

Robert: I’m going to have to pick Samwell Tarly as well! Firstly, it was really emotional watching Daenerys tell him face to face that she killed his father and brother. But we have to thank him for the biggest moment of the episode. Thanks to Sam, Jon finally knows his true heritage. I thought we would be much deeper into season 8 before that little gem was revealed and now it will be interesting to see what he does with this information and how his relationship with Daenerys is inevitably going to change. Her nose is definitely going to be put out of joint.


What Happens Next?

Robert: I think Sansa is going to mess things up at some point. She’s desperate to keep her status, she feels entitled to it and she clearly isn’t impressed by Daenerys’ presence. Theon is on his was back to Winterfell, and let’s be honest, his true home. I’m looking forward to his reunion with The Starks. Sansa in particular.

Ben: Sansa and Daenerys are pretty much the same characters right now, so it’s natural that there would be some verbal sparring. With so few episodes and the threat of the Night King, I can’t see this spilling on much longer. They’ll be best of friends by the next episode. Which in a way is a shame, I’d love Sansa to go against Dany and not in a Sansa Vs Arya faux-way. But they just don’t have the time. It will be the same with Jaime. He’ll have his moment in front of the council, who will want him executed, but he’ll be ready to command some men when the battle comes in episode 3.


Robert: Jaime has a lot of making up to do and I hope that people do give him a chance. It will be an incredible moment seeing him with Daenerys for the first time.

Ben: Oh definitely. Jaime is one of my favourite characters, his redemption arc has been fantastic and hopefully, it gets the ending that it deserves. What did you think to Cersei and Euron? I know a lot of people don’t like him, but I think he’s such a lovable bastard.

Robert: I really enjoyed the interactions between Cersei and Euron! But I can’t decide if she’s finally fallen for his advances or she was just allowing herself a moment of pleasure. Well she’s in a very lonely place now so surely she just enjoys the attention. But her dismissal of the dead closing in on them can only have disastrous repercussions for her? We know there’s a big battle in episode 3 so I’m expecting next week to build up to that. I hope we get to see some white walkers.

So there you have it! What did you make of Game of Thrones‘ return? Let us know in the comments or on one of our social media channels!

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