Game of Thrones: S8E3 – Spoiler Talk


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno) & Robert Ernest (@thatRobster)

Contains spoilers.

A TV spectacle, the likes of the world has never seen… what an episode!

Each week, Ben and Rob will look at the episodes best moments, what they didn’t like, the MVP character and what they think will happen next. As always we welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback!

If you haven’t done so already, you can check out our S8E3 review.


Best Moments

Robert: Ben! Where do I even start? How can you pinpoint anything as a best moment when the whole episode was just epic.

Ben: Ha, I hear you! I think just like figuring out how to write up the episode review, I have no clue where to begin! Guess this is going to be a short topic! Ha. But if you read this, go check out our S8E3 review it’s all in there!


The Not So Good

Ben:  I really have no issues with this episode. I’ve seen some comment on the lighting, but I think that just made more a more ‘horror’ themed episode. Like

Robert: I’ve seen moans and groans online about the episode and I just don’t understand why. The whole premise of Game of Thrones from the get-go was that winter is coming. Well, it came. And it was harsh but this episode delivered 100%. The scale of the battle was conveyed so well. There was barely any dialogue throughout the entire episode and I’m pretty sure no one spoke the first 10 minutes. It added to the build-up. Seeing The Dothraki running into battle with their lit weapons only to come to a stop and see their lights go out was fantastic and chilling.

Ben: That was easily one of my favourite moments. Just watching all the light slowly extinguish. So well done!

Robert: I was a little bit disappointed that Tyrion stayed in the crypt but I really liked watching him and Sansa. Especially when they were being invaded and they both had no choice but to fight. Tyrion kissing her hand was very sweet and is it me or is there a little romance blossoming there?

Ben: Maybe. I don’t know what Tyrion does now. I’m not sure where they are positioning him. We know we are heading south and we know Bronn is out there. He’s been pushed to the side by Daenerys. I think it’s very difficult to call what happens. The two obviously have a connection, I just feel they have built up Sansa in such a way that they might not pair her up with another male character.


Episode MVP

Robert: It’s a no brainier … ARYA STARK! Forgetting what she does at the end for a minute, this girl was incredible. The combat scenes with her fighting off white walkers alone were sensational. She’s like a silent assassin. The scenes with her hiding from the dead through the castle were gripping.

Ben: For the third week running, I have to agree! She was outstanding!

Robert: It’s almost like she’s lived a prophecy and people have been placed around her to protect her and enable her to carry it out. The Hound being pulled out of his deep despair to run to her aid was a great pay off for someone such as myself who has been invested in their pairing. Beric gave his life to save her and Melisandre gave her the fighting talk which spurred her to carry on.

Ben: Melisandre had her own redemption this episode. And as good as Arya was, I did find myself considering Jorah and Lady Mormont, as they had some badass moments. But Arya had such a journey, from fighting on the wall, stealthing through the castle that epic ‘outta nowhere’ moment in the Godswood!

Robert: When the Night King grabbed Arya by the throat I yelled, instinctively covered my eyes and thought the worst. Arya, covered in shards of ice and snow dust after stabbing him and saving everyone is a moment that will go down in history. The disbelief in her face just made me well up! We believed in you all along Arya and I’m just so happy that it was her who had the honour of killing the Night King.


The Fallen…

Eddison Tollet

Robert: He was the first familiar face we saw die and it stung. He died after a moment of complete bravery though which was fitting for the character.

Ben: I think we both had Edd down in our predictions. It was just one of those characters that can have an impact if he died while protecting the main cast. So a step above a ‘red shirt’. Always loved Edd, so I was gutted, but it was to be expected.

Lady ‘Little Bear’ Mormont

Ben: You called it. I didn’t. So I was genuinely shocked.

Robert: Can I make a confession? I’ve never been a big fan.

Ben: Get out. Get out right now! Haha.

Robert: However, saying that she was great during the battle and again met a fitting end as she fought until the bitter end. Seeing the giant white walker basically crush her to death was sad but she didn’t let him get away with it. She was a true warrior.

Ben: She went out like a QUEEN! Charging at that giant was great. I knew it wasn’t going to end well, but I think her death was fitting for her. Sleep well Little Bear!

Beric Dondarrion

Robert: Hero! He died protecting Arya and look at what that led her to do.

Ben: Another of my boys! Guess I’m going to have to change my Funko design for this stuff huh? Again it’s another character that was expected but still gutted. Loved how he was ‘holding the door’ to give Arya and The Hound time to escape.

Theon Greyjoy

Ben: Not much more I can say on this without repeating what I said in the review. It was perfect.

Robert: This one hit me hardest. I love Theon. But he promised to protect Bran and that’s what he did. His character arc has been incredible and who’d have thought whilst at the hands of Ramsey Bolton that we would see this man take on white walkers. Hearing Bran tell him that he’s a good man will have been the redemption he needed and it was really touching to watch. Let me just say though that the arrows were a bad weapon choice – why wouldn’t you automatically go for a sword???

Ser Jorah Mormont

Robert: This true gent died protecting the woman he loved (even though I swear at one point she swung him in front of her to save herself, causing him to get stabbed). Jorah is a legend and at times Daenerys didn’t deserve his loyalty. His death also brings an end to House Mormont.

Ben: I haven’t watched it back yet, but I thought that too. But the less said from me the better over this. I’ve had my rant. Another favourite of mine, but another one I expected. Went out like an utter BOSS!


Ben: She was crucial this episode, but I’ve never been a big fan of her. So I’ll let you take the lead on this.

Robert: She was great in this episode and instrumental for the momentous win. It left me thinking that she served a purpose through the story and that she orchestrated events to get to this moment. To make sure that the people who needed to be there, were! I think she’s always faced many demons and it’s nice that she’s at peace now. Most of all Melisandre – we will always be indebted to you for bringing Jon Snow back from the dead.


What happens next?

Robert: Well it’s all about Cersei now, isn’t it! But she’s no fool and she will be waiting for them with a cast-iron plan of action. I think they will head to Kings Landing and Cersei will only leave the throne through death. They will need to get through Euron and The Mountain first though. It will be interesting to see her and Jaime together again too and I have no doubt that she will dismiss the battle they’ve just been through.

Ben: Oh for sure, we’ll definitely be back at Kings Landing next week for sure! Cersei will hear news of the victory and start getting her forces ready. I think she’ll have some tricks up her sleeve.

Robert: It’s the race for the throne now and I’m sure it will come with many twists and turns. I’m not expecting any other major deaths although I wouldn’t be surprised if Jaime finally falls victim to Cersei’s evil doings.

Ben: I thought my boy Jaime was a going to die this week, but with that now not the case, I can see his death being linked with Cersei somehow. I hope not though, as I’m very much in favour of him living for a long time now!

Robert: Before all that though Arya deserves a huge beer and a good sleep! Actually screw that … Arya deserves the throne!

So there you have it! What did you make of Game of Thrones‘ Episode 3? Let us know in the comments or on one of our social media channels!

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