Game of Thrones: S8E5 – Spoiler Talk


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno) & Robert Ernest (@thatRobster)

Contains spoilers.

Each week, Ben and Rob will look at the episodes best moments, what they didn’t like, the MVP character and what they think will happen next. As always we welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback!

If you haven’t done so already, you can check out our S8E5 review.


Best Moments

Ben: Without a doubt, the cinematography. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed this level of quality in a TV show. Every scene was a piece of art. There were so many amazing one-shots. The shots of Arya running through the streets, they were so captivating to watch.

Robert:  I will say the cinematography was great this week too. A moment that stands out for me was watching the Clegane brothers brawling as fire lit up the sky.

Ben: That was a big-time money shot. I laughed because it was so fantastical and a little silly, but it was so ‘metal’. I loved it.

Robert: I loved the scene where Tyrion freed Jaime after being imprisoned by Daenerys. The emotions portrayed by them felt genuine and it really pulled at the heartstrings.

Ben: Tyrion and Jaime always have great scenes together. The actors have such great chemistry and they definitely bring the best out of each other. This felt like a goodbye for sure. I felt that we were going to lose at least one of them by the time the episode was over.

Robert: I’m going to put Daenerys going all mad Queen in best bits because it’s an interesting twist for her BUT to have her switch so severely in the space of an episode was a bit of a push. It would have been too obvious for her to take the iron throne and this is actually the only plausible reason for her not to get it, so it totally makes sense. I watched on in disbelief at her demolishing the city, killing thousands of innocent people after the bells had been rung. It’s so far removed from what she wanted to be it’s actually sad to see. I think Emilia Clarke was fantastic in this episode. You could see the change in her eyes, the fear and frustration oozed from her.

Ben: I think I said enough about that turn in the review. I’ll leave it there! Haha.


The Not So Good

Robert: I think I said last week that I didn’t understand why I was seeing so much negativity towards this season. I hate to be negative, especially about this show but I was left SO disappointed this week and that’s because it just didn’t deliver the payoffs we were expecting.

Ben: I think it’s safe to say we are very positive when it comes to our reviews. We always want to try and find the good and highlight it. It’s so easy to be negative and talk about things you dislike. But I have to agree with you here. After Drogon’s initial attack I started to worry about the episode. I’ve had my rant about that scene already, with the Stormtrooper level of accuracy, so I won’t go over it again, but it was just such a bad start. I wasn’t caught up in the moment or enjoying what I was watching. I found myself critiquing every scene and I have not done that at all this season! So something was not right from the off.

Robert: Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Their deaths have frustrated me so much that I feel my fist clench into a ball every time I think about it. Cersei Lannister is behind some of the most sinister actions we’ve seen on Game of Thrones. She’s evil, ruthless, self-indulgent and shows no signs of any type of conscience. She did not deserve to have the death she was given. The character did not deserve to die with the castle falling around her, being protected by the man she loved. And I mean this in a positive way. She needed something more brutal, something more effective which would have left viewers talking about it for days afterwards. It’s 100% done her character a disservice and I’m really upset about it. The build-up of her being the true villain this season was all for nothing.

Ben: There was outrage when the Night King was killed, but then D. B. Weiss and David Benioff came out and said Cersei is the ‘Big Bad’ of the season and for us to wait and see what happens. Well, what happened was she stared out of windows all season, her army got completely massacred and she died underground out of sight of everyone who wanted her dead.


Robert: I’m also really disappointed that Jaime went back for Cersei. It just doesn’t fit the direction his character was going. I will say I’m glad he didn’t just die on the beach after being stabbed by Euron and I suppose it’s nice to have seen him with Cersei one last time, but again, his character deserved something much bigger.

Ben: See, I have always been happy with the notion of Jaime and Cersei dying together. That’s fine, give me the incestuous Romeo and Juliet tragic ending. But there was no payoff here. No satisfaction. I thought Euron’s death was perfect. Went out with a great one-liner and his trademark smile. Loved it. But I agree, if they had just both died there on the beach that would have been it for me.

Robert: The fight between The Hound and The Mountain was something I have been dying to see and I found that a bit underwhelming too. I liked the little nod to Oberyn Martell with the eye-poking and all roads this season pointed to The Hound dying. I would have liked one of them should have come out victorious though.

Ben: Like with most things in the episode, it was beautifully shot. And in terms of character arcs and an ending, this was the one that really got a satisfying resolution. It was very satisfying, dying by fire. It was perfect in a storytelling sense, but again, like yourself, I found it just lacking something in terms of the hype and then execution of some of the scene.


Episode MVP

Ben: Fabian Wagner, cinematographer! Though if it has to be a character, I’d go with Arya. Not only because it ties into the best of these scenes, but Maisie Williams put in such an outstanding performance. I’ve blown hot and cold with her over the seasons, but I’m definitely on board with her and think she has remained one of the show’s strongest assets.

Robert: You know what … I’m going for Daenerys. I know you’ve never been a fan Ben, but I absolutely love her and that maybe makes it weird that I love where they’ve taken her character.

Ben: I don’t know what you mean?  I love… no you’re right. Haha. I mean, I get what you’re saying and like I’ve said previously, the Mad Queen stuff at least gives me some interest her in as a character. Now I get to see her become the villain and, hopefully, be taken out…

Robert: She’s felt entitled to the throne this entire time and in her mind nothing would be able to stop her from getting it. Enter Jon Snow throwing a huge bastard child shaped spanner in the works and the pressure, doubts and fear she feels about her future have clearly sent her insane. Jon pulling away from her kiss seemed to tip her over the edge and maybe she just feels like she’s lost EVERYTHING now.


What happens next?

Ben: I’ve always felt that there has been a massive obsession with Daenerys from the writers, creator and fans. She has the throne now, but my head and heart are conflicted. With the options left available, my heart wants Jon to take the throne. But in my head, I still feel they might end the show on a big of a bitter-sweet theme. Fan favourite Dany is on the throne but is now the total opposite of what the fans fell in love with. They can hammer this home by having her kill show favourites like Tyrion AND Jon…

Robert: The Bells has proven that season 8 could have done with even just one more episode. The finale is going to be about who gets the throne. Jon Snow doesn’t want it but that’s who I think deserves it so I would like someone to just glue his ass to it so he has no choice. It would be nice to see glimpses of what everyone will do now peace is restored.

Ben: I think the reduced episodes has worked as both a positive and a negative. Pacing wise it’s been an improvement, but I think they have started to wobble with some of the characters and story aspects.

Robert: Game of Thrones is probably my all-time favourite TV show and I’m really expecting perfection with the last episode.

Ben: That’s the thing. While this episode had its issues, we still have one more to go and who knows what happens? We haven’t seen the grand finale, so while some people might be down on this episode or season, we need to wait and see how it all comes together. I wouldn’t write the show off just yet.

So there you have it! What did you make of Game of Thrones‘ Episode 5? With the final ever episode next week, what happens next? Let us know in the comments!

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