The Batman Trailer & Easter Eggs

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

I spoke in our DC Digest #2 about the trailer so I won’t repeat what I said there. But what I will say is that this teaser ticked all the boxes of what I wanted to see. 

Now, when I write these Easter Egg articles based on films that are as of yet unreleased my track record has been very 50/50. So please take all of the below with a pinch of salt, these are just my own theories and takes from the trailer. Of course I’d prefer to be wrong on most counts because that just leaves more surprises for the film itself!

My biggest take from this teaser is the focus on corruption, detective work and how important The Riddler is going to be in exposing Bruce to the‘skeletons in his family’s closet. I love the idea that The Riddler could actually be a grey villain in that what he is trying to achieve is somewhat understandable. “You’re part of this too” is the final line and it is a very tantalising line because of the implication. Batman is out there trying to fight corruption and clean up the streets, but the Wayne family has just as much skin in the game as the very people he is trying to take down. The hypocrisy angle that The Riddler could play on to bait Bruce and push him to breaking makes for an exciting story!

Anyway, on to the Easter Eggs!

Heads or Tails?

In the victim’s office, a crime scene photographer is seen taking a photo of a newspaper clipping that says “MARONI DRUG BUST”. Sal Maroni is the gangster who ends up throwing the acid into the face of Gotham DA Harvey Dent, starting him down the path of becoming the villainous Two Face.

This could suggest that Harvey Dent is an active character in this world. While we probably won’t see him in this movie, it could plant the seed for a future appearance, if not as Two Face at least as Harvey Dent.

Batman PD

The trailer starts with Batman working with Gordon and the GCPD. The next time we see the police and Batman together he is in a cell charging at an officer. We then have the great shot of the Batman grappling up a stairwell as the police take shots at him. So at some point the police turn on him and are tasked with stopping him. This links to the ‘corruption’ theme throughout the trailer. We see a press conference happening, could this be a corrupt Commissioner Savage putting out the order to arrest Batman? It would explain his smug face and Bruce’s angered look watching the event in the background. Did he get too close to uncovering the widespread corruption of which Commissioner Savage is a part of?

A Card of Owls

Ready for some wishful thinking?

When Gordon hands Batman the greetings card left by The Riddler we see that the design on the cover is an owl with some very goggle-looking eyes. Could this be a subtle or not so subtle hint that we are building up to the Court of Owls? They haven’t really featured on the big screen yet, so with all the voice over about corruption and how Bruce, meaning his family legacy, is a part of the problems in Gotham, this all smells of the Court of Owls. 

Outside of the comics, most people won’t know who the Court of Owls are. If the movie goes down this route, they also can rely on the Gotham Knights video game, out next year, to bring them to a wider audience. The film and the game could help each other out in this regard. 

Of course, it could just be nothing. It could be related to something else more self contained within the film or just a little tease for the fans to get excited about and  write about… *cough*

Homes Under The Manor

As well as hearing Andy Serkis as Alfred, we get our first glimpse of the Batcave. It is suggested that it is near a cemetery, which could be close to the Wayne estate. This keeps Bruce’s parents close to him, literally, when he is working on bringing order and peace to the streets of Gotham.

HOWEVER, looking at the lamps at the bottom of the stairs, there may be a suggestion that this is not actually under or near Wayne Manor. It has the look of an underground train station. Could this long abandoned station be connected to the tunnels under Gotham, thus allowing Batman access to all over the city? The steel pillars confirm that it is underground somewhere, so it will be interesting to see where they end up setting this current version of the Batcave.


Zoë Kravitz’ Catwoman is seen breaking into a safe within the victims office. When she fights Batman she is still in the office. This makes sense given who little they’ve filmed so far, but it could hint at her part in the story.

What is Catwoman trying to steal from the safe? Something valuable and a crime of opportunity? Or could she be retrieving some documents that either incriminate her or someone else and she has been hired to retrieve them. This again comes full circle back to the corruption elements of the story that they are focusing on.

Did you spot any Easter Eggs of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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