The Mandalorian – S2,E3: The Heiress Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review contains spoilers.

I would like to start by apologising for what you are about to read. As a HUGE fan of The Clone Wars TV show, this was a big episode for me. I’m writing this six hours after watching the episode, but I have thought of nothing else during that time. I hope to bring some analysis to the review, but I know I may struggle and get too carried away – but it was just so damn good!

This WAS like an episode of The Clone Wars, and Bryce Dallas Howard did an outstanding job at the helm once again. And as a quick supplement, I want more women directing strong women in live-action Star Wars projects! We have this in the books and comic world, now we strongly need these voices in the mainstream mediums as well.

The episode was another ‘side quest’ but which lead to the progression of the main story, so I will be staggered if people complain (yet again) that the show is not going anywhere. I still get frustrated seeing some of the comments, with fans trying to rush through the story. Let’s just sit back and enjoy every second of this – we have a live-action Star Wars TV show and with more to come! Why would anyone want to wish this time away? I left the cinema, after watching Revenge of the Sith, thinking I’d never see any more Star Wars ever again! Now, look at the world we live in!

Rant over now let’s move onto the episode!

The Mandalorian – Season 2, Episode 3, Chapter 11: The Heiress

Episode Breakdown:

The Razor Crest reaches the planet of Trask, but as we saw in the last episode, the ship is on its last legs. Mando has to make a manual planetary entry and it isn’t going to be an easy landing! As the ship crashes down towards the harbour, only Baby Yoda finds this fun, squealing out in delight! Mando manages to safely land the ship, only for it to fall sideways into the water! A little help? With the Crest now fished out of the sea, Mando pays a Mon Calamari to patch the ship up whilst he’s away. Not an easy task by the look of it! The Frog Lady calls out for her husband and the pair are reunited in a rather touching little moment, helped by a nice romantic score. It was actually rather sweet! Mando asks the husband where he can find the Mandalorians and he points towards an Inn. It’s at this point, a mysterious woman in a black robe watches from among the crowd before disappearing – who could this be?

Inside the Inn, packed full of Mon Calamari and Quarren, Mando asks the Innkeeper where to find the Mandalorians. He pipes some food for Baby Yoda into a bowl, who then gets ‘face-hugged’ by a squid-like creature, with Mando telling him off for playing with his food. This was another cute little moment, and the homage to Alien was a nice touch. A Quarren sea Captain comes over and says he can take Mando to where he needs to go, the pair make an agreement and they are off to, hopefully, finally reach the Mandalorians.

Mando and Baby Yoda and now on the ship sailing across the water. I don’t know what it is, but I just love it when water is involved with Star Wars, maybe it’s because we are usually either in space or on a desert planet, but I just love the combination of Star Wars and water!
The Captain asks if Mando would like to see the feeding of a Mamacore. Mando isn’t so keen but the Captain is instant. The crews drop a bunch of fish into the water, and the still water begins to bubble. At this point, I focused my eyes to try and spot the creature, what happened next though not only shocked me awake but turned my stomach! The Captain kicks Baby Yoda’s pod into the water, and it is swallowed by the Mamacore. Without hesitation, Mando dives into water as the Captain pulls across the grate trapping Mando inside. This isn’t good! Just as it appears that there was no escape, a female Mandalorian jet-packs down to the ship and begins to take out the crew. Now, at this point I sat upright, I KNOW THAT ARMOUR! The warrior is joined by two more Mandalorians, one male and one female. They free Mando, who quickly informs them that the child is with the creature, the other female Mandalorian dives in and retrieves the pod. Baby Yoda is safe, albeit now without his pod! I can safely breathe again!

The Mandalorians remove their helmets – this is not the way! But this does give us our first look at Katee Sackhoff! She introduces herself as Bo-Katan of Clan Kryze (HUGE NERDGASM at this point). Sackhoff voiced Bo-Katan in The Clone Wars, and she is not only one of my favourite actresses, but Bo is also one of my favourite Star Wars characters. So this moment was absolutely massive for me! We also see the mysterious woman from earlier, played by Mercedes Varnado aka WWE’s Sasha Banks – who was bad ass throughout the episode!
Bo informs Mando that he is actually a ‘Child of the Watch’ – a group of religious zealots who broke away from Mandalorian society to establish a new clan who would focus on the ‘old ways’ – for example, never removing their helmets. Mando is overwhelmed with information and flies back to the docks. Upon arrival, he is ambushed by a group of Quarren, one of whom is the brother of the, now deceased, Captain. The Mandalorians, lead by Bo-Katan, fly down and take out the gang, asking Mando to join them at the Inn.

At the Inn, the group sit down to eat and Bo-Katan asks Mando to help them with their latest mission. It turns out that Trask is being used as a Black Market for weapons, many of which were stolen from Mandalore. It is her intention to steal them back and use them for the clan’s cause. If Mando helps, Bo will give him the location of a known Jedi. At this point, I had a huge hunch on who that could be! Mando agrees, but first must secure Baby Yoda, as he cannot bring him along on the mission. He arrives at the Frog Lady’s house and leaves him in their care. With that jar of eggs still tempting him, this could end badly! Mando exits the house, leaving Baby Yoda with his face pressed up against the egg carrier. One of the eggs hatches, much to the delight of Baby Yoda…

Mando meets up with Bo and her squad. The plan is to get onboard an ex-Imperial cruiser used by the remnants of The Empire. The weapons on board are guarded by a small squad of Stormtroopers, so it should be a walk in the park, right? The group must jet-pack up to the ship and get off with the cargo before it reaches the atmosphere and enters lightspeed. So the timing here will be crucial! The group lands on the ship as it flies through the sky, quickly dispatching a patrol of Stormtroopers. Once inside they take out a few more guards before the ship is put on high alert. Inside the ship’s cockpit, two young pilots and the ship’s Commander, played by the excellent Titus Welliver, try to hurry along the ascent into space. Meanwhile, inside the ship, the Mandalorians continue to take out waves of Stormtroopers coming at them. This included a stunning shot, a Dutch Angle, of some Stormtroopers running down a hallway – excellent work!
The Lieutenant makes the call to close all the doors securing themselves in the cargo hold. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t take into account the fact that they had just given their intruders access to the cargo bay doors… and out of the ship they go! Sucking the remaining forces out of the ship and to their demise. The Commander sends out a distress call to none other than Moth Gideon! Gideon informs them that the ship cannot be taken and that there will be no reinforcements. The Commander understands, shooting both of the pilots and setting the ship to crash into the planet. It is revealed that Bo-Katan not only wants the weapons but she also desires the ship. The reason? To help her take the throne of Mandalore! With the ship crashing, there isn’t much time left and the group are pinned down by a final squad of Stormtroopers. Mando charges at the squad, taking multiple hits to his armour, before launching two thermal detonators into the remaining Troopers. With their path now clear to the bridge, it is time to take control of the ship before it crashes.

Inside the cockpit, Bo grabs the Commander and demands to know the location of something that will solidify her rule of Mandalore. To those unaware, this is in reference to the Darksaber, currently in the possession of Moth Gideon. This, to me, feels like that they are sowing the seeds for a future plot in Season 3 or beyond! Before she can get an answer, the Commander uses a concealed electro-suicide pill and kills himself before Bo can acquire the information. With the ship now secure, Bo keeps her word and tells Mando that the Jedi is in the city of Calodan on the forest planet of Corvus and her name? Her name is Ahsoka Tano… (the internet explodes). For those who don’t know, Ahsoka Tano is a main character from The Clone Wars and was the former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker. She is also a massive fan favourite, so there is huge excitement for this character to be introduced into the live-action format.

Back at the Frog Lady’s house, the egg that hatched earlier has grown a little and Baby Yoda is very much enjoying playing with it, although I was still very nervous through this entire scene! Mando thanks them both and leaves with Baby Yoda, to head back to the ship. The Mon Calamari from earlier has patched the ship up with pretty much whatever he could find, by the looks of it! It’s not pretty! Mando isn’t overly pleased, but so long as it flies! The ship just about manages to take off but the danger isn’t over just yet! A squid-crab-like creature comes through one of the panels, Mando manages to perform another one-handed squash kill, before Baby Yoda very happily eats the creature… he really is a hungry little chap! The Crest flies away from the planet heading to its next destination, to the Jedi known as Ahsoka Tano…

Final Thoughts:

This felt like a passionate love-letter to The Clone Wars TV show – full of action and showed new places, creatures and civilisations not fully explored in the main movie series.

Again, it was another quest episode, but I appreciate that The Mandalorian is essentially written as an RPG! We got the side quest that actually helped the character along the way to fulfilling the main mission – to return the child. We now have the name of a Jedi, a Jedi that to a lot of fans means a great deal! Even without any prior knowledge of Ahsoka, the thought that we might run into a Jedi in The Mandalorian is going to get fans excited!

As for Bo-Katan, she is one of my favourite Star Wars characters, I mean it helps that she has been voiced and now played by another favourite of mine, Katee Sackhoff, but still, she is a great character and I hope we see her again in the future – given that she is on the hunt for the  Darksaber I imagine we will!

Finally, I want to give a shout out to Bryce Dallas Howard who did a great job directing this episode! She has been at the helm for two episodes now that featured strong female characters in a co-leading role and long may this continue! We need to continue to have different voices and visions to help expand the Star Wars Universe so that it depicts a truer reflection of the diverse fan base. Star Wars should be for all!

What are your thoughts about this episode of The Mandalorian? Let us know in the comments below! After all, this is the way…

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