The Mandalorian – S2,E4: The Siege Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review contains spoilers.

Last week we were treated to an outstanding episode of The Mandalorian, and with Mando heading off to find fan favourite Ahsoka Tano, all eyes turned to this week’s episode. Last week, I felt like there were so much build-up and anticipation that they would divert the course slightly, and as expected they did just that!

I know there will be lots of disappointed fans out there right now. I get the desire to see Ahsoka, I really do, but this is only the 4th episode, there is still plenty of setup and story to tell! I think at the end of the episode, anyone disappointed at the start when learning we would be seeing Ahsoka, people will be more than satisfied, as we get a huge declaration of intent as to where the show is heading.

The Mandalorian – Season 2, Episode 3, Chapter 11: The Heiress

Episode Breakdown:

The Razor Cest is struggling and Baby Yoda has been tasked with trying to fix the wiring, mainly due to his small stature! It doesn’t go quite according to plan, however, and he ends up giving himself a small electric shock and shorting out the ship in the process! After a quick lunch break, Mando comes to the conclusion that the ship needs proper repairs, and suggest a return to Nevarro and a reunion with friends.

On Nevarro, a group of Aqualish thugs are counting their ill-gotten gains before Cara Dune bursts in, she takes them all out in bad-ass fashion as only Gina Carano can do! She claims the spoils and heads out, her mission a resounding success!

The Razor Crest arrives and Mando and Baby Yoda are greeted by the smiling faces of Greef and Cara. Greef assigns his mechanics to fix up the ship, but Greef is more focused and giving Baby Yoda all the attention he deserves. One of the mechanics turns around to look at the group as they head off into the town. At this point, my inner alarm bells are going off!

Nevarro is thriving! The markets are bustling and there is much more colour on view, a lot of heavy green tones. Greef mentions that Cara is now the Marshal of the town, so it is no wonder that things are going so well! Who would want to mess with Cara Dune? Inside Greef’s office, we are met by another familiar face, the Mythrol bounty target from the first episode of Season One. He doesn’t seem to have a character name, he just goes by the name of his species, Mythrol. I guess its a step up from Frog Lady at least! Mythrol is now in servitude to Greef, having to pay off his bounty in years. Greef needs Mando’s help in removing the last of the Imperial remnant from a small base on the far side of the planet. Mando agrees. But first of all, there is the issue of Baby Yoda. Greef tells Mando he is safe inside their new school, which turns out to be the old cantina. He’s put him into an empty desk and is left to his own devices. Obviously, the main thought on his mind his food and he takes a shine to a back of blue biscuits that the child next to him is eating. With the school child unwilling to offer up a biscuit, Baby Yoda uses a force pull on the packet and gets his reward! That is one happy baby!

At the base, Mando flies up to a large platform and sends a Stormtrooper crashing down to the floor. Cara, Greef and Mythrol head up the access shaft and reunite with Mando, who has since taken out the rest of the guards. Making their way to the reactor control is pretty much straight forward for the group, as they meet with minimal resistance. They reach the reactor control room and Mythrol mentions that there is no guard rail, this is a long-running gag that a lot of Star Wars fans will appreciate! With the reactor offline the base becomes unstable and the lava below starts to erupt. The group head for the exit but run into two Imperial scientists. One scientist blasts the control panel in front of him before they are both taken out. Mythrol tries to recover whatever it was they were so eager to hide. To the side of the room, there is a stack of pods with humanoid lifeforms inside. Clones? Mythrol manages to recover a holo-transmission from none other than Dr Pershing. Pershing mentions about an ‘M count’ (Midi-chlorians?) and that they need more blood from the donor, AKAK Baby Yoda, for the plan to succeed. Mando learns that Moth Gideon is alive and well and so will once again be in pursuit of his hungry, green ward.

Mando splits from the group, using his jetpack to head back to town to secure the child. This leaves Cara, Greef and Mythrol to escape the base on a troop transport. Their escape, however, won’t be so easy. Scout Troopers on speeder bikes catch up with the sluggish transport and in the tight canyon, Greef struggles to get to grips with the canon. Cara crushes one speeder into the canyon wall, which inspires Greef to take out the rest. Just when they think they are in the clear, a squad of Tie Fighters, fleeing from the exploding base, begin to shoot at the transport. Exposed and vulnerable, the lead Tie locks onto the transport, but before it can fire, the Razor Crest flies in and takes out the ship. The Ties stand little chance, with Baby Yoda giggling in delight as Mando takes out the last of the ships. The transport is clear and the base is destroyed. All in a days work for the Mandalorian! These two action sequences were really well executed!

Mando says his goodbyes and leaves the planet, in a now fully functional and restored Razor Crest. Inside the town, two X-Wings have landed and Greef is subjected to questioning by Captain Teva, who we last saw helping Mando out with the ice spiders! As we see two X-Wings, we can assume that Wolf is also nearby, but as we never see him we can only assume that Dave Filoni wasn’t on set for this! Teva talks to Cara outside of the office and suggests that her talents could be put to better use inside the New Republic, placing down a New Republic badge in front of her. This could be something to revisit in the future!

We cut away to an Imperial Destroyer, although the design is not familiar to me, either way, it looks very menacing. Onboard, a holo-message from the mechanic on Nevarro (I knew he was dodgy!) informs an Imperial captain that “the device” was installed – a tracker? The captain heads off to inform Moth Gideon of the news and it becomes very clear that he will soon be closing in on the ‘precious cargo’ he so desperately desires. The camera zooms out to reveal black Stormtrooper armour or possibly droids – wait, are they making Dark Troopers canon again? With the music taking a sinister tone, it is now a race against time to get Baby Yoda to Ahsoka before its too late…

Final Thoughts:

This was a perfect episode of Star Wars television, and while it was relatively short and the pacing was very fast, they still managed to pack a lot of great moments into the episode. I especially loved the chase through the canyon with the Scout Troopers on the speeder bikes, this whole sequence felt very Solo-esque. While the episode may feel, to some, as another ‘Mando doing a job for someone’ storyline, it also gave us a really significant moment at the end of the episode which is going to have a massive part to play in the main story arc going forwards.

Of course, it was great to see Cara and Greef again, they always have great moments as well as working very well on-screen with Mando. Although this easy very much a fleeting visit, the speech with Cara at the end leads me to believe she may get back into the fight in a more official capacity. Although now that she is a Marshal, what I wouldn’t give for a new spin-off staring Cobb Vanth and Cara Dune…I can see it now… Star Wars: Marshals!

As for the ending and the revelations on the base? My head is swimming with numerous thoughts and theories, and if I was to go into all of them, they would require their own article! So I will do my best to keep this condensed, the best I can at least!

It’s appears they are suggesting that Gideon wants to use Baby Yoda’s Midi-chlorian’s to transfer them into an elite trooper squad, essentially super-soldiers or even potentially force-sensitive troopers, at least that’s my guess! We have seen Dark Troopers (droids) and force-using troopers before in various Star Wars video games, so while it’s not a new notion, it is a very much welcome proposition! We saw the Kamino emblem on Dr Pershing’s sleeve in the first season, so the ‘clone’ link was always there from the beginning. So I am very much leaning to the idea of super-soldiers, as they appear to be trying to create a new clone force, this time with the emphasis around the force. With the idea of clone troopers, this is a great way to bring in Ahsoka, as she was a key element in The Clone Wars. If the troops at the end were in fact droids and the cloning is a separate, as yet unseen, plan then this could make for a great stand off and fight scene with Mando and Ashoka against the Dark Troopers. It also throws some water on the idea of Baby Yoda being dumped with Ahsoka and Mando going solo. The main arc is swinging back around with Baby Yoda right in the middle of it.

With Bo-Katan last week, and presumably, Ahsoka next week, it feels that The Mandalorian is slowly merging into an extension of The Clone Wars TV show. There is now the aspect of clone troopers as well as the rule of Mandalore… it’s all coming together very nicely indeed!

What are your thoughts about this episode of The Mandalorian? Let us know in the comments below! After all, this is the way…

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