The Mandalorian – S2,E7: The Believer

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review contains spoilers.

The Mandalorian – Season 2, Episode 7, Chapter 15: The Believer

We all knew it was coming… Grogu has been taken and now Mando needs to track down Moth Gideon. His only lead? The former Imperial sharpshooter Migs Mayfled, the very man he sent to a New Republic prison in the first series!

With only two episodes left, I expect that we will get a jailbreak and Mando recruiting his team to take on Gideon all in this one episode, leaving us plenty of room for an action-packed ending in next week’s Season 2 finale!

Episode Breakdown:

A New Republic security droid approaches Mayfeld and informs him that he is to be placed into the custody of Marshall Cara Dune. Cara appears and escorts him to Slave 1, where Mayfeld is met by Boba Fett, with newly fixed and polished armour, and Fennec. Mayfeld jokes that he was worried for a second, as he thought it was going to be Mando. Before his smile has time to set, Mando walks down the ramp and the smile quickly fades. The titles hit, with an updated theme that is much more theatrical and serious. – Talk about a tense opening!

Mayfeld says he needs to access an Imperial terminal to obtain Moth Gideon’s co-ordinates, and he knows of one on Morak. The base on Morak is mining and refining Rhydonium, a volatile and explosive resource and it is under the command of the ISB. With all of the others wanted by the ISB, Mayfeld and Mando go it alone, but with a twist… Mando won’t be wearing his armour! The group takes over a Juggernaught transport and Mando and Mayfeld put on the troopers outfits. This is a big moment when you think about it, this is the first time Mando has switched uniforms. It feels, weird! They drive into the base, riding through a stricken village in the process. Mayfeld shares some pearls of wisdom with Mando about the lack of differences between the Empire and the New Republic, it was a pretty reflective moment. Over the coms, they hear the other transports being destroyed, and it’s not long before a band of pirates attack their transport. Mando has to time his shots right and Mayfeld has to keep the Juggernaught steady or the Rhydonium will explode. Mando resorts to hand-to-hand combat after his blaster fails, and it was pretty brutal, with many of the pirates being crushed under the Juggernaught. They manage to fend off the second wave of pirates, but they just keep coming. Just as it looks like their days are numbered, two TIE Fighters fly in for the save followed by a squad of Stormtroopers who mop up the rest of the pirates. There are cheers, celebrations and salutes… this is such a strange (but amazing) moment.

Inside the base, Mayfeld spots the terminal he needs, but he also spots a familiar face, Valin Hess, who Mayfeld served under. While he cannot be sure that he will be recognised, Mayfeld does not want to take the chance and pleads with Mando to call off the mission. In order to access the terminal it has to scan your face, Mando says he will do it… as the first scan fails, he removes his helmet (WTF) and completes the scan. This was a huge moment for his character. Hess approaches Mando and demands to know his TK number, obviously something he does not know! Luckily, Mayfeld comes in for the same, providing a number to satisfy Hess, who invites them to get a drink as a reward for bringing the shipment back. I must say, I’m loving Hess’ nickname for Mando, ‘Brown Eyes’. As the trio drink, Mayfeld brings up an old battle, Burnin Konn, in which an entire city was destroyed, including most of his fellow Imperials. The tension continues to build, with worried looks from Mando as Mayfeld is worked up more and more. Mayfeld has had enough of Hess’ smug grin and shoots him dead, following it up by taking out the guards. Well, it’s all about to kick off now!

They head out to the ledge, with Cara and Fennec providing sniper support. Boba sets off for the pickup. The sniper support proves vital, as they are able to escape on the rooftop, jumping into Slave 1 as it hovers above. Mayfeld asks for a rifle and with deadly accuracy blows up the remaining transports along with the volatile cargo. Cara and Fennec approve of the shot. See, Imperials got game after all! Boba quickly takes out two pursuing TIEs with a mine and manages to get back to Cara and Fennec unscathed. With Mayfeld prepared to go back to jail, Cara has other plans. She will write up a report stating that Mayfeld was killed, allowing him to have a second chance. A big moment for Cara, given her hatred for the Empire. Mayfeld watches Slave 1 leave the atmosphere, he is now a free man. Hopefully he’ll come back in Season 3!

On board Moth Gideon’s cruiser, they receive a message from Mando, much to the surprise of Gideon. Mando informs Gideon that he is coming for Grogu and that nothing will stand in his way. This was a chilling end to the episode, as Gideon did not say a word. It was a powerful ending and really builds up the hype for the finale next week!

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode, it had lots of great action as well as moments we don’t usually get to see, like seeing the world from the Remnant’s eyes. The celebrations of the troopers at the base was something we haven’t seen in live-action before. I genuinely enjoyed it.

One of the biggest takes from this episode is the fact that Mando, willingly removed his helmet in front of people. That just shows you how much he cares for Grogu but also could indicate that Bo-Katan’s words have had a lasting impression. Personally? I don’t care about Mandalorians when it comes to them not removing their helmets. I’m very much in the Clone Wars and Rebels camp and want to see what’s under the Beskar helmets! I think this will be a positive step going forwards.

Rick Famuyiwa had another great episode. The prison ship episode last season was one of my favourites and here he really gave Mayfeld a lot of screen time to build on his character. Bill Burr did a fantastic job and he has really made that character his own. I loved hearing Mayfeld talk about Burnin Konn and the tension of the performance. It was compelling television!
As for the finale? You have to imagine that they will be getting Grogu back, but it is not looking like Cobb or Ahsoka will be involved, which is a shame. I think we are all very excited to see how they end Season 2!

What are your thoughts about this episode of The Mandalorian? Let us know in the comments below! After all, this is the way…

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