WandaVision – Episode 3 Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

This review contains spoilers.

This episode delivers in more ways than one!

We’ve moved into the 70’s now with a new, full on colour, Brady Bunch style episode and a fun new theme tune written by the genius’ behind Frozen.

We left a joyful Wanda and Vision, after discovering Wanda’s pregnancy, and this progresses alarmingly quickly! By the end of the episode she gives birth to twins which causes Wanda to reminisce about her brother. Welcome to the MCU Tommy and Billy!!

This episode keeps up with the humour and the jokes keep in tune with the time period of the sitcom it incorporates. As Wanda experiences Braxton Hicks, she causes a power outage in the neighbourhood, and it’s even funnier watching her trying to disguise her labour pains in front of Geraldine, as pictures spin on the walls and electrical appliances fly around everywhere, not to mention the stalk that’s come to visit.

Things really start to unravel in this episode. There’s a moment where Vision is taken out of his surroundings before he is quickly pulled back in. The biggest gasp comes from Geraldine and her mention of Ultron killing Pietro. Wanda does not like this at all and while this is going on, Vision is outside with Herb and Agnes who have suspicions about Geraldine and begin to say too much. As Wanda deals with Geraldine our suspicions of them being kept in a different reality is confirmed as we watch Geraldine being thrown out of the forcefield wrapped around Westview.

The first two episodes laid the tracks for what this series is about and this episode really cranked it up. The real world is impacting more and more on Wanda and Vision and the cracks are getting bigger and really starting the penetrate what’s going on. Vision’s interactions with Doctor Nielsen, Herb and Agnes made this feel almost Truman Show-esque and maybe all of their neighbours are actually aware of what’s going on after all? There’s definitely a darker side to Agnes!

Is this all Wanda’s doing or is someone controlling her mind?

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