The Falcon and The Winter Soldier – Episode 2 Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review contains spoilers.

This episode was glorious. Starting with a full on introduction to our new Captain America, John Walker. Without any super serum, he does manage to pack an impressive punch and this episode does well in immersing him into the MCU. His Cap suit is patriotic and there’s a lot of buzz about him amongst the public but he’s yet to win over Sam and Bucky. For the moment he comes across as the all-American hero, although he’s feeling the pressure of taking on the shield and is perhaps a little naïve. We all know where this is headed though and that makes it very interesting.

The union of Sam and Bucky is brilliant. They aren’t overly pleased to be in each other’s company but it’s clear that they both need each other at the moment. As they come face to face with the Flag Smashers, there’s another fantastic action scene where they both work together despite a constant underlying annoyance of having to. There is just so much fun with the both of them. Being subjected to ‘couples therapy’ with Bucky’s therapist, Dr. Raynor was hilarious. I love the dynamic between them as we watch the inevitable evolution of their relationship.

Sam and Bucky paying a visit to disgruntled, ex super soldier, Isaiah Bradley gives the episode some poignant moments with subtle, underlying prejudice. Isaiah being badly treated and Sam receiving a frosty reception from a police officer were reminders of real world injustices. This was however softened with Sam’s interaction with a kid referring to him as Black Falcon. This was brilliant and really had me laughing to myself. We get to know the Flag Smashers a bit more and meet their leader, Karli who initially manages to pull a fast one over Bucky and the episode wraps up with a familiar face, leaving you desperate for more.

Episode 1 was almost like a prologue for the series which is clearly in full swing now. The Star Spangled Man is definitely Marvel at its best and I can’t wait to see the surprise at the end play out next week.

What did you make of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier? Let us know in the comments.

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