The Falcon and The Winter Soldier – Episode 4 Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review contains spoilers.

The story really steps up a gear in this episode as tensions rise, resulting in a showdown that is brutal and pivotal in equal measure.

There’s quite a lot going on and the opening scenes in Wakanda are quite exciting. We now know that the trigger words don’t affect Bucky anymore but it was nice to actually see just how much of an impact this was for him. There’s just something about the Wakanda theme music which ignites excitement in your belly! Those flashback scenes show how Bucky has struck up a bond with Ayo but she’s not in town for a pleasant catch up. Instead she gives him 8 hours to get what he needs out of Zemo and then she’s coming for him.

Sam spends the episode believing he can reach out to Karli’s better nature. Doubtful!! He has two meetings with her which are interrupted and even though she claims she wouldn’t hurt them, Karli doesn’t hesitate in threatening Sam’s family. There is an element of cat and mouse between Sam and Bucky, the Flag Smashers, Captain America and the Dora Milaje and it felt that the arrival of the Wakandans when Zemo’s time is up was the turning point for not only the episode but the rest of the series. Walker does his best in fighting Ayo and her pals but his inexperience turns out to be a hindrance. There’s so much history and inter-woven events he hasn’t been a part of and this is highlighted during this scuffle.

Walker begins to question his ability to step into Steve’s shoes and there’s a really interesting discussion between him and Hoskins, leading to whether they would take the serum if the opportunity arose. Yes is clearly the answer as the next time we see Walker he’s a little different. Accidental or not, Hoskins apparently meets a fatal blow from the Flag Smashers and Walker does not react well. At all. The result of this sees our new Captain America in a a state of extreme rage, chasing one of the smashers down and beating him to death with the shield. We’ve never seen the shield used like this before and that scene was so haunting. Literally with the whole world watching, Walker stands above the body, covered in blood and there doesn’t seem to be an ounce of regret on his face.

What an episode and what an ending!!! While everyone has their moment and there’s good development for the story, The Whole World is Watching is definitely John Walker’s episode.

What did you make of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier? Let us know in the comments.

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