The Falcon and The Winter Soldier – Episode 6 Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review contains spoilers.

This show goes full on Marvel in the season finale which is packed full of action but also so much emotion which took me by surprise.

Perhaps the biggest moment is seeing Sam in a very stunning, very new Captain America suit and as the episode goes on we hear him being referred to as Captain America more and more (there are a few more Black Falcon name checks thrown in which made me chuckle). There was a moment where he protects a bystander by wrapping his Falcon wings around them both with Cap’s shield on the top and that was a magnificent symbol of how he’s not leaving his old identity behind but instead enhanced it by incorporating his new Captain America responsibilities. The Flag Smashers story is wrapped up during a marvellous action packed first half where both Sam and Bucky get to completely show off just how fantastic they are. We have some scenes which reflect Bucky’s arc as he’s clearly goes all superhero and that was really fulfilling to watch. John Walker also joins in the action which provides some redemption for him and actually the three of them together are a joy. I’d love to see more of them together in the future.

The Flag Smashers have been an interesting part of the show and as much as the reasoning behind the group makes sense, they haven’t been a particular highlight of the series for me. It would be more accurate to say that the reactions and implications of their actions which have been something I’ve enjoyed and that’s very much the case for me in this episode. As fun as the action sequences were (and they really were brilliant) it was Sam addressing the government officials afterwards which really had an impact on the episode. Here, Sam really proved his gravitas as our new Cap and showcased the difference he could potentially make. His speech was so heartfelt and I actually like that Marvel has gone a little political with this by echoing the BLM movement.

As the episode wraps up it did manage to hit you in the feels. Bucky finishes his book and come clean to his pal about his involvement in his son’s death. This was such an important step in him moving on. Sam pays Isaiah another visit and offers him the opportunity to close a very damaging chapter of his history with a big surprise. I just found myself needing Sam and Bucky to be best friends forever and the final moments are really upbeat and celebratory, indicating that the two of them have built a firm friendship. Seeds are planted for more to come and whether these play out in a season 2 or through upcoming movies, I can’t wait! Val makes another appearance and as John Walker shows off his own new suit, there’s clearly so much more to come from him. Sharon Carter is given her freedom back, but the reveal of her as Power Broker makes for an interesting twist and again confirms that we’ll be seeing her again.

All in all this has been a fantastic show. Both Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie have been absolutely brilliant and have stepped out of Chris Evans’ shadow to show that they totally have what it takes to carry their own. Mackie in particular has been captivating to watch and he’s not only proved how worthy Sam is to take on the shield, but just how superb he will be portraying Captain America on the big screen.

What did you make of the CAPTAIN AMERICA and The Winter Soldier finale? Let us know in the comments.

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