The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 2: Cut and Run Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

The Bad Batch travel to Saleucami where they meet a familiar face, if you have watched The Clone Wars, that is! Cut and his family are desperate to get off world and escape the clutches of the Empire. With the help of the Bad Batch, the crew must stealth their way through a spaceport under an Imperial blockade. This episode also sees the introduction of Imperial credits and Chain Codes. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Empire were tagging all the Star Ships, they are also beginning to register and track all the people as well! Yes this is a kid’s show, but this is still a pretty heavy and dark concept.

While the members of the Bad Batch all had their key character moments, it was Omega who grew even more likable. Now, I’m not saying she wasn’t already, but she had more dialogue than in the previous episode and you just feel a real warmth and pull towards her as a character. She also had a few big emotional moments which really helped the key plot points of the episode. I could say she must be protected at all costs, however given her clear dormant abilities, she’ll more than likely be the one protecting me! She showcased so much in this episode – humour, vulnerability, strength and emotion, I am very excited to seeing Omega develop as the show progresses. I’m also very on-board with the father-daughter dynamic between her and Hunter. Ok, the cynics will say its Mando and Grogu 2.0, but I don’t believe that is the case. This very much feels like its own thing.

This second episode of The Bad Batch once again gave us a good look at the new and changing landscape under the newly formed Galactic Empire. I think they can afford to continue to show these moments throughout the rest of the season. This doesn’t have to be in the form of a key story element, they can just be scattered here and there will help highlight the stark transition from Republic to Empire.

One thing that once again impressed me was the sound design, and this is something that The Clone Wars also did, during the later seasons. Some of the best scores and sound FX have come from animated Star Wars shows, and even in this relatively contained episode, there still was a lot packed into it!

I think if there is going to be one main criticism of this episode it will be the tonal difference this and that of the break-neck speed and action packed season opener. Yes, this episode is much slower than last week’s offering, but in terms of the character development I think that more than makes up for it. Not every episode has to be wall-to-wall action. Personally, I didn’t have an issue with it.

The Bad Batch – Cut and Run highlighted the continued change in the galaxy under the new rule of the Galactic Empire. Omega really stood out in this episode and is already establishing herself as a very likeable and interesting character. As for her ever-developing relationship with Hunter, I will watch on with great interest! While the episode was not as grand in scale as the season opener, the power of the show’s character storytelling did more than enough to entertain and setup the next episode. A very pleasing continuation to the show!

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Saleucami – We’ve been here before, back with Rex in The Clone Wars episode ‘The Deserter’. It was also great to hear that Rex had passed through the day earlier, so hopefully it won’t be long before the Bad Batch catch up with him! We got a cute ‘Uncle Wrecker’ moment with Cut’s kids, which was a nice exchange that further played on Wrecker’s child-like nature. Even though we hadn’t seen their previous encounters, you just bought that these people were close and had a history together.

Chain Codes – Seeing the beginnings of the introduction of Chain Codes was very interesting, and given its importance in The Mandalorian, it just adds more world building in the Disney+ era of Star Wars.

Omega – She was the strongest part of the episode, for me. Witnessing a bright sun and the earth and dirt for the first time was such a sweet moment. Watching her learn how to play and just be a kid was both heart-warming and devastating in equal measure! She has missed out on so much in the cold, sterile world of Kamino, so allowing her this brief moment of ‘normality’ was very touching. Her relationship with Hunter is going to be that grows and grows, and you already feel the connection between the two. How much of that is down to her, possible empath abilities, remains to be seen.

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