The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 7: Battle Scars Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

The cracks are starting to appear in the working relationship between Cid and The Bad Batch! Luckily, a mysterious stranger arrives at the bar and sets off a chain of events that sees the story shift back to the main narrative! Last week was a strong episode, but it was good to finally get back on track and re-shift the story focus.

The majority of the episode takes place in a star ship graveyard on Bracca, which is under the control of the Scrapper Guild. The Bad Batch come across a Venator-class ship (Jedi cruiser) and must make their way through the bowels of the broken down ship to reach their objective. This episode was really intense, so be prepared to ride one heck of an emotional rollercoaster! There are a lot of heart-in-mouth moments and the music is used beautifully to heighten key scenes to reinforce this.

Visually, for a scrap yard in a desert, the environments were stunning! Some of the backgrounds looked like digital mat paintings and really stood out when fused with the movement of the characters. It was very impressive! Likewise, the lighting they used inside the cruiser was just as stunning! The lighting was used to great effect throughout the episode.

The Bad Batch – Battle Scars delivers on multiple levels, from individual character moments to overall story progression. Visually it was a strong episode and the pacing made the episode fly by very quickly. It was emotional, intense and exciting – just what The Bad Batch should be! All eyes on to next week now…

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Rex – FINALLY! Also, very pleased that my guess from last week paid off! We get mentions of Fives and burying his brothers, although we don’t fully get a lot of answers as to what he’s up to right now or who he’s working with. We know he’s working with others to fight back against the Empire, and the offer to help was given by Hunter at the end of the episode, so I do think we will see more of Rex and others later on in the series. Oh and on a final note, how bad ass did Rex look when he disappeared into the fog? Epic!

Control Chips – Wrecker finally loses out to his control chip and these scenes fighting his brothers and more so going after Omega were unbelievably tense! Wrecker and Omega’s relationship was at the heart of this episode and the executed this particular story perfectly. With Wrecker and the rest of The Bad Batch now chip free there is hope for Crosshairs yet!

Dianoga – A creature first seen in the garbage compactor on the Death Star in Episode 4, the Dianogas are still a bit of a mysterious creature when it comes to the live action and animated mediums. When they first approached near the water and it rippled, my first thought was that the creature would hopefully be a Dianoga, and it was, much to Wrecker’s dismay! A fun little scene overall and a nice call back to creatures of Star Wars.

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