The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 9: Bounty Lost Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

The episode begins with a high intensity dog fight in space, one not too dissimilar to that seen in The Mandalorian! The use of the space ships in general in this episode was really well worked and they flexed their animation prowess more than a few times during ‘Bounty Lost’. Speaking of bounty…

Omega, now captive of renowned bounty hunter Cad Bane, is forced to take her rescue into her own hands and uses a few tips and tricks picked up during her time with Clone Force 99! It was nice to see her utilising these skills and knowledge to strengthen her hand, especially given the fact she no longer has her trusty bow at her side! This episode also shares a big revelation in regards to her origins and this felt like a huge moment for the show.

As for Cad Bane and is trusty droid Todo, it was the same dynamic we are used to by now, which offered both menace and humour in equal measure. The use of Bane’s theme and other musical notes really added to the episode. He just oozes coolness and lots of shots appearing out of the dust or darkness just adds to his overall persona.

This was a very Omega and ‘bounty hunter’ centric episode, with Clone Force 99 taking a back seat in this outing, and I didn’t mind it! Omega and Bane did more than enough to carry the episode that was very enjoyable with plenty of action and high-stakes.

The Bad Batch – Bounty Lost was a very ‘bounty hunter’ focused episode that we are used to seeing in The Clone Wars, but almost acted as a passing of the torch in some respects – which I think will be the end goal. We had a key revelation that sheds more light on Omega and you feel it’s only a matter of time before something big happens that will shake up the entire series. Another solid out of The Bad Batch overall!

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Cad Bane – The guy oozes coolness! I’m also glad that he wasn’t killed in his standoff with Shand. I love Shand and Ming-Na Wen, but for a newish bounty hunter to take out Bane, that wouldn’t sit right given the foes he has faced! Now, that’s not to say Shand won’t take him out before the series ends, but in that moment, it wouldn’t have been right. They both came out of it with their reputations intact as Fennec was forced to flee and unable to take out Bane.

Fennec Shand – Again, as I’ve just said, I love this character and going toe to toe with Cad Bane is only going to fast track her skills. It also appears she is working directly with Nala Se, going against the wishes of Lama Su who want’s Omega dead. Does this now create a potential power struggle back on Kamino?

Omega – So, Omega is the sole living source of Jango Fett’s raw genetic material! That’s why she’s so important. She makes Hunter promise that she will never have to go back to Kamino, while he fulfils her wish, and believes this himself, they set this up as a promise that could easily be broken and cause heartbreak for Omega. The fact this ended the episode, I’m confident that she will indeed return and cause a wedge, albeit temporary, between herself and Hunter.

Todo 360 – Seth Green does a great job, as always, as the downtrodden droid providing the comedic relief moments that acts as quite the contrast to the seriousness of Cad Bane. Todo is a fun character to have to lighten an episode.

Tuan We – Dad! Tuan We’s dead! An Episode 2 throwback killed off-screen by Shand. It was nice to have a known character back, albeit very briefly, and it elevated and gave more weight to the scene slightly, rather than just using a random Kaminoan. I am also pleased that brought the original voice actor, Rena Owen, back for one last hurrah.

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