The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 10: Common Ground Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

Raxus, the former centre of the Separatist government, is now under Imperial control, and their Senator, Avi Singh defies the Empire’s rule and is placed under arrest. Now, The Bad Batch needs to bust him out of his imprisonment! Clones working to help a former Separatist? All the makings of an interesting episode!

I love the idea of having the help a former enemy, although all Separatists weren’t necessarily bad! Obviously, there is a huge amount of skepticism from Clone Force 99, even more so when they meet the ‘contact’ who will be aiding them!

As for Raxus, the design was exceptional! It is a mix of so many, real-world, historic architecture concepts that really work well together. I think it’s an interesting setting and given the events of the story, I don’t think that we are finished with Raxus just yet!

As for Omega, she has her own story away from the prison break, back at Cid’s. Omega and Cid had some nice, informative interactions and you feel that a lot of what was said in these scenes is going to have a long and lasting impression on Omega in helping to shape the person she will become. I also think taking Omega out of danger for an episode, given what she has been through, was smart in terms of the story and for the character.

The Bad Batch – Common Ground was action-packed prison break romp that caused Clone Force 99 to question their former loyalties and principles. While this was definitely a filler episode, it was a good one so in the end it didn’t matter! GS-8 and Singh were new characters that really stood out and hopefully, they will return in the future! Overall, a very fun and enjoyable episode of The Bad Batch.

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Senator Singh – Throughout the episode I could not place his voice… I knew that I knew who it was, but for whatever reason (I’m blaming that I write these first thing in the morning) I could not pin it down, it wasn’t until his final scene on Raxus that it clicked, he is voiced by Alexander Siddig! I love Siddig! I think he is a very underrated character actor and he did a fantastic job as the conflicted Senator! You get the feeling that we might not be finished with Raxus, Singh and his droid GS-8! Speaking of which…

GS-8 – It’s one thing to be working with a Separatist, it’s another thing to be working for a droid as well! The Clones are being tested on two fronts and I loved every second of it! GS-8 had a lot of personality, not too dissimilar to that of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s L3-37 from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Funnily enough, GS-8 was voiced by Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag co-star Sian Clifford! So that was a nice little connection! Clifford did a great job here and with Senator Singh’s look before they left the planet, she might return in the future to try and liberate Raxus!

Dejarik – Back at Cid’s, the patrons are playing some holochess and Omega has an eye for victory, much to Cid’s advantage! It’s a small thing, but it’s a Star Wars staple so always a bonus! I did think that Hunter and Omega were going to have an altercation at the end, but I was pleased when they avoided it and sat down to play a game of Dejarik instead!

Captain Bragg – A pretty standard Imperial antagonist in this type of episode. We didn’t get any backstory or character building, so this could be a one and done sort of thing, but if Bragg was to return, I’d be happy for that as Shelby Young (Princess Leah in Star Wars Forces of Destiny) did a good job in the role. Rebels had those familiar faces on the Imperial front so Bragg could easily fill that position.

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