The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 14: War-Mantle

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

After receiving a mysterious distress call, the Bad Batch tracks it to a secret facility! Sounds good, right?

Rex needs help, so the Bad Batch are heading to Daro, a planet in the Outer Rim, to help retrieve a clone trooper in trouble.

The start of this episode had hint of the Predator franchise about it, which was very welcome and unexpected! This show has done well handling its night scenes, and while it was dark and atmospheric, you could still see what was happening without too much effort.

There was plenty of positive story progression mixed in with some exciting action set pieces both on the ground and in the air, so there was a nice mix this week. Those with dissenting voices should be feeling satisfied after watching this episode.

We also finally get to see a lot more of the Empire and Kamino storyline and I think the events that occurred not only make sense, but was entertaining throughout. While I do think, as a season, the show has had pacing issues, the events here didn’t feel rushed or crammed in. They did a good job overall I think telling the story they needed to tell and getting their point across.

Next week will be the penultimate episode of the series, and this episode here feels like a part 1 of 3, so we are starting the final push towards seeing the season out in one continuous story.

The Bad Batch – War-Mantle was a great episode full of great story moments and revelations mixed in with some great action sequences. We are entering the final phase of Season One and if they continue on this trajectory, we are in for quite the ending!

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Rex – Good to see Rex again and he starts the Bad Batch onto their mission this episode. He’s currently busy, but given how this episode ended, I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing him again real soon!

Gregor – GREGOR!!! I thought as soon as he spoke that it was him, because it had the slightly high-pitched notes on the end of his words. He was sent to the base, alongside the other clone commandos, to help train the new TK troopers but decided to defect when he figured out what was happening. This was the perfect way to insert Gregor into The Bad Batch and fans of Star Wars Rebels will have enjoyed it I’m sure!

Republic Commandos – Now, I can’t be certain on this, but I think I saw Scorch, from the game Republic Commandos, in a few scenes. His commando uniform has yellow stripes, and there was one soldier who had his outfit. We know that they have had a non-speaking cameo previously, so I’m going to say it must be him!

The Hidden Base – This felt like peak Empire! We also get our first look at TK, so we get an origin story of that and see how they start to replace the clones. The TK uniforms looked really nice, especially the helmets. There not quite the standard Stormtrooper uniform yet, but I like this in-between look.

Hunter – Captured! I initially thought he was going to have to evade capture in the forest, which would play right into his skillset meaning the episode next week, Hunter would be on the run as a survivalist. But it was not to be, as he was surrounded immediately, and transported to the detention block where he came face to face with Crosshair – what an ending to the episode! I assume next week will be a return to Daro, with maybe the help of Rex and others to bust Hunter out?

Gonky – He had a mini hero-moment when he was needed to help boost the power of the ship. I felt so proud!

Daro – I loved this planet’s look! It was like Endor, with its vast forests and woodland but it also had tall mountain ranges. The green of the trees really popped on screen and blended in well with the browns of the hills and mountains. I look forward to exploring more of Daro next week!

Kamino – The Empire have cancelled all of their contracts and they are coming for the Kaminoans! Their plan to escape fails and Rampart makes it clear that they can use Nala Se’s skills, as a scientist, but they “don’t need a politician”. It is implied that Prime Minister Lama Su is killed, but as the scene wipes out and you don’t hear any blaster fire, it’s hard to say for certain at this point.

Echo – I loved the call back to Skako Minor during his conversation with Hunter – It got me right in the feels! Echo knew what being trapped and held hostage was all about and he was the real driving force here to convince Hunter to proceed.

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