The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 15: Return to Kamino (Finale Part 1)

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

Well, they have announced The Bad Batch Season Two! Hurrah!

At least now some of those people complaining about “too many filler episodes” can relax that they won’t need to rush and cram in lots of story during the final two episodes of Season One! I think there have been highs and lows in this first season, but week to week I’ve enjoyed The Bad Batch and I think there is a lot to be excited about next year!

So, let’s talk about part one of the season one finale!

This episode was not only outstanding, in terms of The Bad Batch, but also in regards to The Clone Wars in general. If you have followed both shows, be it from the very beginning or even more recently, I’m convinced you will get a lot of satisfaction and emotion from this episode. There are a lot of emotional beats weaved into the story and some of the action sequences and environments hold great significance to both the past and present.

While the story, action and character moments are all first class, my biggest take from this episode was just how beautiful it looked! Yes, I know that I have said this many times during this season and I’m sure you are sick of it by now, but I can’t help it. I’ll talk about this more in the spoiler chat below, but I was just in awe of how great some of these settings were presented. The lighting and weather effects also helped enhance these stunning shots and I had to go back watch some scenes again because they were simply phenomenal.

The Bad Batch – Return to Kamino (Finale Part 1) was a great penultimate episode, with plenty of exciting action and great character moments. This is a part 1, but it doesn’t leave you hanging, as we get some resolution to satisfy enough of the sub-plots, but the show still teases even bigger things to follow! Aesthetically, this episode was off the chart and Kamino is such a great setting. Next week, Season One comes to an end and there is no predicting what will happen next!

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Crosshair – When I’m playing video games and there is a sniper option, that’s my jam right there. That’s my playing style. So, as a fellow sniper, I love Crosshair. Even with the revelation that his chip has been removed, to see him standing side-by-side with the rest of the squad, as they took out the Dark Troopers, was just such a rewarding moment. It was also really nice to see his ‘mirror dead-shot’ skill as he took out the majority of his Elite Squad. I’ve missed that kind of stuff and I really hope they can get him back somehow, although I do have the suspicion that won’t happen, at least not in the way we want.

Training Room – Another emotional twinge in the episode occurred when I realised that the Bad Batch and Crosshair showdown would take place in the training room. This room holds such importance in regards to The Clone Wars and the clone troopers in general. It was a great setting for the main battle of the episode and when the Dark Troopers started appearing and the Bad Batch had to work together with Crosshair again, it just felt like a great payoff for not only this season, but from The Clone Wars as well. The room holds so much history, so it was fitting that we’d get to see it one last time.

Kamino – I loved that Omega knew about a secret platform, to Nala Se’s secret lab, and the fact that it was an underwater one made it even better! It’s incredible that we are still seeing new bits of Kamino, even at this late stage. Kamino is a great setting because of the location and the fact that it is always raining. With the contrast from the cold, bright white interior and the dark, rainy exterior makes for such a great environment to stage an episode. As for Nala Se’s lab, we learn that Omega and Clone Force 99 were created here. It was also nice to so see AZI again, who informs the group that all clone troopers have been transferred off-world and that those that resisted where eliminated.

Tarkin – Sticking with Kamino, Tarkin gives the order to destroy Tipoca City, using his classic line of “you may fire when ready”. Rampart gladly carries out the order, and I loved how they used the lighting on his face to add to that menacing presence. The three Venator class destroyers looked stunning in the rain and lightning and it gave me some real Rise of Skywalker vibes! On a final note, I got a little emotional seeing the destruction of Kamino. Seeing the mess hall and the cloning chambers all silent and empty, before the city falls into the sea below.

ES-02 – Very early on in the episode they establish that ES-02 wasn’t convinced about Crosshair’s loyalty to the Empire. She was proven right in the end and by default it saved her life, as she managed to escape off-world and report back to Vice Admiral Rampart of Crosshair’s failure. Hopefully, she makes it through the second part of the finale and appears back in Season 2. Tina Huang may not have had much screen-time as ES-02 this season, but she does a great job when she gets the opportunity. I’d like to see her given much more to do in the future as I think ES-02 has such great potential to be a great antagonist!

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