The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 16: Kamino Lost (Finale Part 2)

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

Picking up from where we left off last week, the devastation of the city from the Destroyer bombardment continued! The Bad Batch are trapped inside the falling city with little signs of escape… welcome to the Season 1 finale of The Bad Batch!

As finales go, while it wasn’t a grand and epic spectacle, it delivered on so many emotional notes and was much more character focused, which I actually rather enjoyed, in fact I probably preferred this approach. Having all the members of the squad back together, I wanted those dialogues, those character moments. From start to finish they delivered on telling a compelling and emotive character-driven story, which also included some very dramatic scenes as they tried to escape a crumbling city, deep below the ocean.

Once again, and as it has been all season, the environments, lighting and animation was simply phenomenal. Even if the episode isn’t strong in terms of its story, you can always trust the fact that everything will look and sound great!

While I have thoroughly enjoyed the first season of The Bad Batch, I do understand the complaints, by some, in terms of the overall story progression, especially when the show gets distracted with the in-between episodes which are essentially just going on a side quest for Cid. Now that our characters are more developed and Kamino is gone, I hope they can move away from Nar Shaddaa and maybe move more towards what Rex is doing and maybe fan the flames of the formation of the Rebellion?

The Bad Batch – Kamino Lost was a smart way to end the series, as rather than a big galactic event, it was a self-contained story that focused on the relationships between Crosshair and the rest of his old squad. This was a very strong conclusion to this two part arc and the season in general. It feels like it has taken some time to find its feet, but the show is finally hitting those right notes of what it wants to be. This can only be a good thing for Season two, when this eventually arrives next year.

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Crosshair – Trapping him with Omega was such a smart play as it gives the two time to interact one on one and shows us something we haven’t really seen so far. I love that Omega gives it her all to rescue you him and free him from the rubble. With the water constantly rising, this was a very tense and dramatic opening. I loved how he saved Omega with his tow cable at the end, it was a very satisfying moment. With Crosshair refusing to go with his old squad at the end, and given his actions in the episode, there is still hope of a redemption and a return somewhere down the line. In the meantime, it gives us that viewpoint into the Empire’s side of things by having Crosshair as our man on the inside.

Kamino – Every single facility has been wiped from the planet. This is game over for the Kaminoans, and while we all knew it was coming, it doesn’t change the fact that this is big moment in relation to the prequel trilogy as well as The Clone Wars series. It’s been a major story element throughout all of these

AZI – What an absolute hero! He sacrificed himself to save Omega and the rest of the Bad Batch, when it looked like he was finished, it was a very sad moment. Thankfully, Crosshair managed to retrieve him, so he lives on to fight another day and now Gonky has a new friend! I think adding him to the squad will be a good thing as he’s a fun character to have around the place.

The Sunken City – This episode gave me major Bioshock vibes, in the sense that the setting was a ruined city with water and debris around every corner. The sound design for the water was so good, as was the lighting. This show just delivers each and every week!
Music – Wow. The music in this episode was off the charts! The fall of the city and as the facility crashed to the ocean floor – these scores were incredibly epic and dramatic. The music has been one of the show’s strongest elements all season.

Medical Officer – Despite being a very small and generic role, it was great to have Helen Sadler back voicing a Star Wars character again! You can hear my glowing review of her performance in our Lego Holiday Special review. Hopefully, this could be a role that is expanded in season two – if we continue to follow the Empire and what they have planned for Nala Se’s work.

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