Spider-Man: No Way Home Teaser Trailer Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

Forget yesterday’s leak, the REAL teaser trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has landed and boy it is everything you could ever want!

I know this is only a teaser, but my biggest relief is that they haven’t given all the surprises away! We all know about the reports and rumours, we know we are going to see a lot of previous live-action Spider-goodness, but I firmly believe the best thing they can do is to hold these back from the trailers. Think back to Civil War, Spider-Man showing up in the trailer was incredible, but the reaction would have been ten times that if they didn’t show this in the trailer, allowing fans to live through that moment on the big screen. Marvel have been at this point for a long time now, but you don’t need to oversell their movies to any audience. You slap that Marvel logo in front of something and people will watch it! When the story trailer drops in a month or so, I just hope they hold a lot of the reveals back, and let us enjoy those moments on the big screen.

Again, as with all the Spider-Man trailers, I thought the score was excellent and it still blows me away how they’ve managed to transform this silly little TV theme tune into a score of epic proportions! In terms of a negative, my biggest gripe with this teaser was the pre-trailer. I really dislike these in general and there is just no need for them, I don’t care what anyone in the industry tells me. Imagine if you didn’t know anything about this movie? You get spoiled that Doctor Strange is in it immediately. Stop it, we don’t need it.
As usual, I have gone through the trailer and picked my 5 stand-out moments. See what you think and let me know what your favourite parts were in the comments!

If you haven’t done so already, you can check out the trailer below:

Five Things From The Trailer:

Public Enemy #1

One of my favourite Spider-Man comic books, controversially, is Spider-Man: One More Day and this is essentially the framework for this movie. So I am already on-board with the idea that everything has gone wrong for Peter, forcing him to take drastic steps.. I really enjoyed the serious tone taken in this first part of the trailer and some of the imagery, like the one I have chosen, works really well to sell this idea that the world has turned on Spider-Man. Oh, and one final note, the devil horns on Peter’s head here is no way linked to any Mephisto reference, please people. We need to move on from this!

The Casual Sorcerer

I am ALL about comfy casual superheroes. From Wanda to Scott and now to Stephen. I love how Strange and Wong just act as if nothing is out of place, as they wade through the snow inside the Sanctum. The comfy hoodie, the roaring fire and hot drink just makes for a perfect and light hearted scene, especially after the serious tone that the trailer begins with. The name joke is also really well timed and works with the background score cutting off for perfect comedic effect.

It’s Magic Time

I really enjoy the visual way that Marvel films uses their magic. Whether it’s WandaVision or the Doctor Strange movie, it has such a distinct and unique look to it and I cannot wait to see things get even crazier in Multiverse of Madness. Here we see a desperate Peter Parker and a hubris Stephen Strange meddling with things that ought not be meddled with! But nobody listens to Wong and the result is Strange getting distracted by Peter, resulting in all the madness that follows in the trailer. I’m not sure how much this movie will link into the Multiverse of Madness but I think, at least from Strange’s point, there will be some influence for certain. Just hearing the word “multiverse” in the teaser just builds that excitement to see Wanda and Strange on-screen as the primary characters.


I’ll never tire of this move! We’ve seen it performed on both Strange and the Hulk, and now we see it used on Spider-Man! Visually it is such a great effect and at this point in the timeline, Doctor Strange is at the height of his powers, and as this move is linked to the Ancient One, it is just another visual representation to show the audience how powerful Strange has become.

Let There Be Villains

Having Alfred Molina reprise his role as Doc Ock is great, as he is one of the most stand-out live-action Marvel villains we’ve had so far. We also hear Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin cackle as well as a Goblin bomb rolling across the road. This appears to be the point where all of these villains have crossed through the multiverse and emerged on the sacred timeline. We also see yellow streaks of lightning, which I believe is supposed to be Electro, played by Jamie Foxx, which is different to his blue lightning seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but Foxx has gone on record to say that his character will be much more comic book accurate this time around. It is hard to say who the main villain of the film is going to be, it could be someone we haven’t seen yet, but I think they have a good starting point if they wanted to go down the Sinister Six route. It depends how much they want to use these characters, as it could just be a one and done, and if that is the case I could happily accept that. I think in this particular universe, I would like to see them go down the Spiderverse route and go with Doctor Olivia Octavius instead, and while I know you can’t cast Kathryn Hahn to reprise her role, I would prefer a female villain at some point because it is so long overdue in the live-action Spider-Man films.

Before I finish the breakdown, I just want to add an honourable sixth best moment, and that was Zendaya’s MJ, who brought both humour, the “Spider Lord” comment was great, and the drama during her conversation on the phone. She has been incredible throughout these movies and I fully expect more of the same in No Way Home.

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