Ghosts Series 3 Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review is spoiler-free.

I think if you’ve read any of our previous Ghosts reviews, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from our Series 3 review!

While I am a huge fan of this creative team, be it Ghosts or shows like Yonderland, I will always critique a show when I think it is warranted. Yet, so far, I have been unable to do so because the writing, performances and production quality has been incredibly high and very consistent. Can some of the visual effects be improved? Of course! Give the creators more money and that can be easily achieved. But working within their budget, the quality this show produces is at a very high standard for a TV show. So, with that said, there is little to criticise in terms of Series 3 because I think the show has knocked it out of the park once more!

Ghosts is a show that continues to go from strength-to-strength and all the elements, that have made the previous series so enjoyable, are once again on display in this latest series. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll be highly entertained throughout the six episodes. As usual, we follow the surreal goings on of the habitants of Button House and the show always finds ways to keep things fresh and imaginative. As each series passes, we focus on the different ghosts and slowly learn more about their history and how they came to be a permanent resident of the house. This series finally gives us some answers and one character in particular will leave you speechless.

In terms of the cast, and I’ve said this many times before, this is such an incredibly talented ensemble and not a single performer has ever let the show down. It is just another of those consistencies that the show just seems to pull-off with relative ease. With each series, the ghosts are given an episode in which we follow their journey from the living to the afterlife. The tones of these episodes range from hilarious comedy to emotional drama. While I love each and every person in this cast, I always pick one stand-out per-series, for their performance in their respective character-focused episode. In Series 1 it was Jim Howick (Pat), in Series 2 it was Ben Willbond (Captain) and in the Christmas Special it was Charlotte Ritchie (Alison). For Series 3, it goes without saying that Lolly Adefope (Kitty) is the clear winner. Similar to Katy Wix’ Mary, I have always felt that Kitty was such an underrated character, so to finally see her backstory was a very enjoyable, albeit incredibly heart-breaking, moment for me. I’m not ashamed to admit that I had tears in my eyes watching Kitty’s episode and Adefope’s performance was simply breathtaking – It was a privilege to watch her on-screen.

In terms of the production, there are two differences from previous series. First of all, there has been a change of director. Tom Kingsley has passed the torch onto Nick Collett, and the transition is faultless. Secondly, it is the production conditions itself that are different. I think it is important that I give a special mention to the cast and crew in terms of the show’s production during heavy COVID-19 restrictions. While there are a few times when you tell when they’ve use a composite shot – mainly to keep the cast safely distanced – the quality of the production and care taken with these scenes ensures that it fits seamlessly into episode. I can only imagine what it must have been like to work under such restrictive production conditions, but all that hard work and effort is reflective in a positive way throughout the entire series.

Ghosts Series 3 is everything you’ve come to expect from the show and continues to explore more characters, but never sacrificing the quality of the humour or weight of the emotional story elements. Just like we the first two series – I laughed, I cried and I fell even more in love with such a wonderful show. Please BBC, we need the Ghosts around for many more years to come!

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