The Sandman: Act II Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review is spoiler-free.


Journey into a world of myths, imagination, and terror based on the best-selling DC comic books and graphic novels written by Neil Gaiman.

In the absolutely packed Act II, the dark fantasy resumes and the Sandman expands into the French Revolution, ancient Rome, 19th-century San Francisco, eighth-century Baghdad, and beyond.

Audible’s first instalment of The Sandman series broke their record for pre-orders and became their best ever selling audiobook. It met with huge critical and audience acclaim – all thanks to a great cast, a wonderful production and a truly unique story. I stand by our review at the time, The Sandman was phenomenal!

As soon as a second audiobook was announced I was instantly excited and eager to see what cast would return or join or what they would do in regards to the story. The Sandman: Act II adapts volume 4 (Season of Mists) and volume 5 (A Game of You) as well as pulling from Fables & Reflections. It was pleasing to hear these to hear this talented cast performing these incredible stories and if your only prior knowledge of The Sandman was the previous audiobook then I think you will find Act II surpasses the previous instalment. For me, Season of Mists is one of my favourite Sandman adventures so I was very excited to hear that this was the next phase of the series. The story takes you on an incredible journey and really epitomises what The Sandman universe is all about – this is The Sandman but at its best!

In terms of the cast, James McAvoy (Morpheus), Kat Dennings (Death) Michael Sheen (Lucifer) and Andy Serkis (Matthew the Raven) all return and are just good, if not better than before, with McAvoy leading the way with another truly exceptional performance. There are plenty of new faces this time around too, including a host of big name and up-and-coming stars including Jeffrey Wright (Destiny), Brian Cox (Augustus), Emma Corrin (Thessaly), John Lithgow (Emperor Joshua Norton), David Tennant (Loki), Bill Nighy (Odin) and Regé-Jean Page (Orpheus). The size and quality of the cast is simply incredible and the level of the performances was high across the board.

Anyone who has read any of our previous audiobook reviews will know my thoughts on Dirk Maggs – if he’s attached to the project, the production quality is going to be outstanding. Once again, that is the case with The Sandman: Act II – a triumph of skill and audio perfection! I cannot stress highly enough how good the audio production is here!

I will be amazed if The Sandman: Act II does not go on to surpass the success and acclaim of its predecessor, as every aspect makes this one of the finest audiobook’s I have ever listen to! The Sandman: Act II is an outstanding audiobook achievement thanks to an incredible cast, a truly exciting and unique story and high levels of production.

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