The Walking Dead: S11 E7 – Promises Broken

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review contains spoilers.

We’ve arrived at the penultimate episode of this first batch of Season 11 episodes of The Walking Dead! After THAT Pope teaser last week, is Daryl in danger? Will Maggie and Negan ever get along? Will we finally see the real Stephanie? Let’s find out!

After escaping The Reapers, thanks to Daryl, Maggie, Negan, Elijah and Gabriel are hot-footing it through the woods. Negan pulls up and tries to convince the group to abandon the mission due to Daryl’s leaked Intel. Unsurprisingly, Maggie and Negan both interpret the information very differently, with Negan wanting out and Maggie wanting to push on. Negan reluctantly agrees to stay and help if Maggie will accept that they are even and so that he no longer has to be ‘looking over his shoulder’. Maggie tells him that they’ll never be even, but ultimately they shake on it. YES! This is what I wanted. Time to move past this (as much as I loved you Glenn), and push on with other stories. Do I think Maggie will keep her word? Not really, no. But we shall see! As for what happens next? I wasn’t expecting it – it’s time for the Whisperers to return! (Sort of).

Maggie gets Negan to train her up in how to walk like a Whisperer, using her own Walker skin. This was an interesting training sequence and seeing them work together, especially Negan praising and encouraging Maggie was very interesting indeed! She has some teething issues early on but slowly starts to get the hang of it and begins to herd a small group of Walkers. Negan looking on like a proud father was a nice touch! They then have an incredible exchange and both actors need to take huge credit because this was such an emotional, yet oddly clam, scene where Negan was completely honest with Maggie. Both of them have very valid and justified views, which is why them going up against each other just doesn’t appeal to me. I really, really hope Maggie can move on and they at least co-exist. The group begins to herd the Walkers, obtaining more as they work their way to Meridian. Everything was going according to plan until Elijah spots a Walker and beings to cry. Maggie grabs his hand. Well, I guess we know what happened to his sister!

Inside the Commonwealth, Eugene and ‘Not Stephanie’ are on a killing spree! As part of their punishment they are having to clear-out empty buildings as part of the Commonwealth’s expansion efforts. Joining them in the home improvements are Princess and Ezekiel, whose health is not holding up with the additional Walker-killing. Princess is concerned and pushes ‘Not Stephanie’ to try and pull some strings to get him seen to. Eugene spots a young and affluent-looking couple being escorted by Mercer and a group of guards – I’m sure this will come back into play later! Back inside the safety of the Commonwealth walls, Yumiko is moving up in the world, whether she wants to or not! She is still pushing her brother about no longer being a doctor and it’s obvious that this bothers him. He likes the life he has now, but it just doesn’t seem to just be about no longer having the stress of a high pressure job. Before they can continue their talk, he is taken away by armed guards only for Yumiko to find out this was under the orders of Hornsby. Yumiko confronts him about her brother and her friends only for Hornsby to make it clear that he wants Yumiko to move up the ladder so that he has a powerful ally in the future. Oh how I love me some power and politics story! At Governor Milton’s office, Yumiko meets the REAL Stephanie on reception, who tries to discreetly probe about Eugene, without mentioning him directly.

What happened next, I can only think was a well thought out play by Hornsby? He sends Eugene and ‘Not Stephanie’ to a clear out a new section, and they just so happen to run into that young couple that was being escorted earlier. A group of Walkers approach them and Eugene and ‘Not Stephanie’ step into action. Rather than gratitude, the young man goes off on a spoiled-brat rant at them, resulting in Eugene punching him in the face. Just like clockwork, Mercer and Hornsby show up and Eugene is arrested for assault – I think we all know that this is going to be the son of the Governor! Not long after, we get confirmation that this is indeed Milton’s son. Hornsby pressures Eugene for the location of Alexandria. It’s the location or permanent residence in the cell, so now Eugene has a big choice to make!

At Reaper HQ, Daryl continues to try and work his way into The Reaper’s good graces while he figures out his next move. A patrol returns and Pope tears them a new one, due to not finding any signs of the Alexandrians. Shaw steps in to defuse the situation and Pope orders her to take Daryl on a tracking mission to hunt them down. Instead of Maggie or Negan, they find a man foraging for food for his family, including his badly hurt wife. Shaw radios in and Pope orders her to kill them all. They meet the family and it’s clear the man was telling the truth. Shaw tells the man to leave with his son as it’s clear that his wife is not long for this world. She begs Shaw to shoot her, but she can’t, leaving it to Daryl to finish her off. The pair are called back to base – who knows what Pope has in store for them upon their return.

I like that we have once again had an episode that followed three separate storylines. Be it out of necessity, as it’s the final season and they have a lot of story to get through, or design – it just worked in terms of both the pacing and with the entertainment value. The episode flies by and I think they managed to progress multiple storylines along to where they needed to be going into the final episode of this first batch! We are now seven episodes into Season 11 of The Walking Dead and, so far at least, there hasn’t been a bad episode amongst them! The episodes go from strength to strength and I am very eager to see how The Walking Dead ends 2021… It’s going to be good, right?

What did make of the latest episode The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments below.

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