Hawkeye – Episode 6 (Finale) Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

This review contains spoilers.

At the risk of sounding like a fool, I didn’t expect to enjoy Hawkeye as much as I have done. It really has been excellent right up until its final moments and the season finale wrapped up the story perfectly and delivered everything I wanted. It was a showdown of different levels, putting Clint and Kate’s partnership to the test. Yes, it’s official. Clint and Kate are a partnership and they work together fantastically well, encompassing everything we have grown to love about their on-screen chemistry.

Picking up from last week’s majorly exciting reveal, Vincent D’Onofrio excels once again as Kingpin. In fact, I think this could be him at his best so far. He really takes on the stature we saw from this character in the Spiderverse movie. Aided with some Pym-tech and some Stark leftovers, Clint and Kate waste no time in preparing themselves for battle. The new arrows they make are joyous to watch and in this episode, it’s almost like Clint has a new lease of life. Watching him trapped in THE Christmas tree was hilarious.

There was more excellence between Yelena and Kate Bishop (we’re all calling her by her full name from now on, aren’t we?). The scene in the elevator was especially entertaining and it really is clear now that these two might have come from opposing sides but there’s a budding friendship simmering away there. Obviously, the show has been leading up to a big moment between Clint and Yelena but surprisingly what played out was really emotional to watch. Clint finally cuts himself a break and appears to accept that Natasha’s death was not his fault. I’m doing so Yelena receives the closure she needed. Marvel gods – we NEED plenty more Florence Pugh please and thank you.

Hailee Steinfeld really got to show off so much potential here. Kate Bishop is new to this so we can’t expect her to be amazing already, but this girl takes on Kingpin all by herself and she does fantastically damnit. The story with Eleanor is also tied up nicely with Tony Dalton doing some brilliant work like Jack. Maya is also given a chance at retribution and the path is laid for when we see Alaqua Cox return for her own series.

Marvel has definitely ended 2021 on an extreme high. Between this and No Way Home, they’ve really spoilt us, even the end credits scene was a welcome Christmas delight from them. And most importantly … Clint made it home for Christmas!!!!! Does this need a season 2? Not really. But this has set up some exciting stories yet to come. Mostly, I’m so pleased that Jeremy Renner was given this opportunity to show us just how fantastic he is without being in anyone’s shadow.

What did you think of the final episode of Hawkeye? Let us know in the comments!

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