Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoiler Talk

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno ) & Robert Ernest (@thatRobster )

Contains spoilers.

Ben and Rob are BACK to talk about all things Spider-Man: No Way Home. As you’d expect, this is spoiler-heavy, so make sure you have watched this amazing film before going any further!

So, lets talk about Spider-Man: No Way Home!

What Did Think Of The Movie?

BEN: As I put together the review, I think my thoughts are very clear, but briefly, I REALLY enjoyed this movie! How about you?

ROB: I’m struggling here because I still can’t find the words. I really tried to lower my expectations with this but it completely blew my mind. It was total fan service and I seriously think they got it spot on. So much fun and SO much emotion, I’m not sure a Marvel film has ever made me feel that emotional before.

What Are Some Of Your Favourite Moments?

ROB: My top moment without a doubt is Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman catching MJ. I actually shouted out in the cinema at that point. Just all that emotion he felt with her in his arms was incredible.

BEN: Yeah, I thought that was a very special moment for him! It got a huge applause in the cinema and it was a very special moment!

BEN: As for me? I think it has to be Charlie Cox making his MCU debut! I love him and Daredevil so much, so to have him in here, no matter how fleeting, was my highlight of the movie!

ROB: Obviously, Charlie Cox appearing as Matt Murdock was fantastic and I really hope this leads to so much more from him. Charlie is great as Daredevil and deserves the chance to do more with the character. Then there’s watching the three Spider-men together …

BEN: Ha! It’s funny you should mention that…

What Did You Make Of The 3 Spider-Men?

The interactions between them were brilliant, they worked so well together to the point that you’d believe they had worked together for years. They gave us a lot to laugh about too. Skirting around the questions they had about Tobey’s webbing was so funny and then finally getting to see the 3 of them swinging into action together was a dream. That moment will be etched on my heart forever.

BEN: Yeah, I think that final boss fight with them all working together is up there with one of my favourite MCU moments – such a great scene with so much history and weight behind it all! I think adding to that, when Tom is struggling after losing Aunt May, he feels so alone and as if no one understands, but as soon as Andrew and Toby show up and that entire scene plays out, I was welling up with tears. A stunning moment and beatifically performed.

Was There Anything In The Film That You Didn’t See Coming?

BEN: For me there is a stand-out moment, and that is Green Goblin killing Aunt May! We’ve had the Uncle Ben thing in both previous series, but given how popular the character is, I just did not expect it!

ROB: Yeah, I didn’t expect May to die. That really got me.

BEN: Yeah it was an upsetting scene, especially when Peter didn’t really accept it and was convinced she was going to get up. Heart-breaking!

Who Was Your Favourite Character or Actor Performance?

BEN: I think you could list the majority of the cast here because everyone was incredible! But if I have to choose one, I’m going to cheat and say Spider-Man a.k.a Peter Parker… so technically I get three in one!

ROB: Haha! Everyone was great, but my favourite will always be Tom Holland. To me, he is Spider-Man. I enjoyed Jamie Foxx a lot more this time round and Willem Dafoe basically gave an acting masterclass for all future comic book villains. I thought Benedict Cumberbatch was fantastic in this too. I’ve not always been the biggest Doctor Strange fan but I warmed to him a lot more this time round.

Was There Anything That You Didn’t Like?

ROB: Not a single thing.

BEN: Ha, I mean that’s fair enough! I still think back to my review and my only real critique would be the rather overall weak main narrative, but it was more about the event rather than a complex or twisty story, so I don’t think the film suffers.

What Does The Future Hold For Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

BEN: For me? I think we are going to have a stripped back version, less Iron Spider more home-made suit type, which we see at the very end – I love the look of the suit by the way! So I think it will be a little more street level, so not a super crazy villain or anything up next, but maybe we could look at some crime factions, maybe King Pin?

ROB: Agreed! The way this ended was almost like going right back to the beginning because his apartment was distinctly similar to one in Tobey’s trilogy. We know we have 3 more movies from him (at least) and I think we’re going to see a stronger and more determined Spider-Man. He has no attachments now which means he has nothing to lose. Surely that changes a person!?

BEN: Oh it has to! He’s also lost his two closest allies, and even Happy is now out of the picture. So it will be interesting to see how he handles it all. I still think MJ will work it out by the second film and it will be interesting to see how that story is handled!

Let us know your thoughts on Spider-Man: No Way Home in the comments!

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