The Book of Boba Fett – Episode 4: The Gathering Storm Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review contains spoilers.

We start this week’s episode with Boba in the Bacta Tank and head straight into a flashback of Boba scouting out Jabba’s Palace. With too many guards on patrol, Boba decides against an all-out assault and retreats to figure out another way.

We’ve had Tuskens and Rancors, this week it was the turn of the Bantha to get some focus – with a brief interaction with Boba and his Bantha. It felt like Geralt and Roach, from The Witcher series, in the way the pair interacted. At this point, I got a little worried that this cute Bantha was being set up for a tragic death, but luckily that wasn’t the case! Boba and his Bantha have their meal interrupted by the flashes of flares in the distance. Anyone who has seen The Mandalorian will immediately connect the dots and know that this is when Mando and Toro Calican were charging towards Fennec Shand in Chapter 5 of season one of The Mandalorian. This gives us a nice recognisable timestamp to work from. Boba arrives at the body of Fennec Shand and recovers her, taking Fennec to a Mod-Parlour where she is saved by adding the robotic modifications. So at least this part of her story has now been covered in a way that also fits in with The Mod gang in the present, so there is a nice connection there.

Unsurprisingly, Boba knows Fennec, and vice versa, albeit she’s never seen his face and presumed him dead. Boba wants his ship back, and he needs Fennec’s help to take achieve this! Boba explains his reasons why he wants to stop being a bounty hunter, with the influence of the Tuskens had on him being the key reason. Boba is tired of working for others who are going to get him killed, and given what he has been through, you really can’t blame him!

I mentioned earlier, how cute his Bantha was and that I was worried about her survival. She is released and the pair part ways, so I can now let out a huge sigh of relief! Boba and Fennec break into the palace and run into two cook droids. The main Chef Droid starts a spinning attack stance, holding a bunch of kitchen knives, which was a clear, and amusing, reference to General Grievous! There was also a fun chase scene with Boba and a super cute Lep Droid. This entire kitchen sequence was a lot of fun!

They finally reach Boba’s ship but the alarm sounds and they are soon pinned down by blaster fire. Fennec holds them off while Boba runs onto the ship to power it up so that they have a means of escape. I don’t know, there was just something special about seeing Boba’s Firespray flying past Jabba’s Palace… it was a nice personal moment! Fennec has no desire to be dropped off anywhere and she elects to stay with Boba.

Now that he has his ship back, Boba makes light work of the Nikto Biker gang, gunning them down with ease. With the Tuskens avenged, it’s time to find his armour! Boba and Fennec head to the Sarlacc Pit, but we – the audience – know that his search will bear no fruit! The Sarlacc attacks and grabs the ship. Fennec deploys a seismic charge, which I always love because the sound design for this is just pure perfection. With the Sarlacc dead and Boba covered in stomach acid, after venturing into the remains, there is still no armour, however, Fennec suggests a Bacta Tank would be of more use right now! We end this part of the flashback with that final shot that we saw at the end of The Mandalorian Season 2 – with Boba and Fennec on the throne. Boba is proclaimed to be fully healed and has no use of the Bacta Tank anymore. So, one would assume that we are now up to date and done with the flashbacks, with the remainder of the episodes focusing on the present. I would have been happy either way, but at least the show has now made a clear choice and we can focus on the main story arc of the season.

At The Sanctuary, Krrsantan is chilling with an ale, we knew we hadn’t seen the last of him! As he scowls at everyone in the room, his anger focuses in on a group of Trandoshans. He soon starts to beat the living dank out of them before Garsa Fwip appears and intervenes, talking about his glorious past as a gladiator in the arena. She points out that his violent ways are now obsolete and that he must take comfort and revel in his former glories. The situation appears to have been defused, sort of! We finally see a Wookie rip an arm off! Boba watched all this unfold, and predictably, offers Krrsantan a job – we knew this was going to be the case and I am very pleased that we got here so quickly. We also get confirmation that the Ortolan at the bar is actually THE Max Rebo! Trust me, I was losing sleep over that one, so I’m happy that we now have that 100% confirmed!

Inside Boba’s Palace, Fennec addresses the various faction bosses as they try to issue a rallying cry for everyone to team up to take on the pending Pyke Syndicate threat. After a few dissenting voices, Boba’s Rancor makes its presence known. While it was enough to startle them all, it wasn’t enough for them to agree to this alliance. So, Boba instead asks that they remain neutral if approached by the Pykes, and that he will clear them all from the city, allowing the rest of the families to prosper once again. They all accept – however you get the feeling that at least one of them will try to go back on their word!

With the meeting adjourned, Boba and Fennec are left to start preparations for the upcoming war. They have plenty of credits but lack the muscle. Fennec informs Boba that “credits can buy muscle, if you know where to look.” – At that very moment The Mandalorian theme was played clearly, but briefly, before merging back into the show’s main score. Is that clue that they are going to reach out to Din Djarin? We know that be this point they are allies. That would be incredible if Din Djarin and others turn up in the finale to help fight! Could we also see Bo-Katan? Cobb Vanth? It’s hard not to get extremely carried away, and all because of a few notes of music! I mean, it could just as easily be a red herring and we don’t see any of that – and while I can say I’d be fine with that, as I want The Book of Boba Fett to stand on its own merit, it would also be a fantastic way to see out the season. But, we are still two episodes away from that happening so it’s best to not get carried away!

For me, I think this episode does a fantastic job of establishing the reasoning behind Boba’s desire to become a Daimyo. It was thought out, logical and very fitting for the character and where he is these days. The flashback elements, establishing Boba and Fennec’s relationship was well worked and you felt their initial connection was very organic. With the flashbacks apparently over, we now move on to an all-out war with the Pyke Syndicate and who knows what twists and turns we have in store for use in these final two episodes!

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