Ms. Marvel Teaser Trailer Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

The one thing I enjoy the most about the Disney Plus Marvel shows is that every new show has a different vibe and tone, and with Ms. Marvel, we see this again because it looks nothing like anything that has come before it.

I enjoyed how they introduced the trailer by using the comic book effect over the live-action and it just gave the trailer a little something different! Likewise, I think the song use was smart, and while taking a popular song and remixing it is in vogue right now in trailers, I liked that they kept the original. It fit very nicely!

I think the introduction of Kamala Khan in live-action is long overdue, even more so having a Muslim character represented on-screen, and while I enjoyed the diversity and cultural elements of The Eternals, to have a series-led by a non-white lead is very welcoming. The MCU should represent everyone, and with more inclusion of different ethnicities and disabilities, we are seeing a truer reflection on-screen of the world we live in. There has always been that cultural conflict internally and with her family, mainly her mother, so I’m also looking forward to this being a theme that we see make the jump from page to screen.

As for changing up the powers, goodbye elongation hello cosmic energy! While it’s not what we know from the comics, you have to trust the creative team! While ‘energy’ type powers aren’t my favourite, as sometimes it can seem a little ‘lazy’, the early signs look promising that they are going to do something a little more refined with her powers. It also looks likely to tie in with the next Captain Marvel movie in which Kamala is set to feature, so going down the cosmic energy route makes sense in that regard too.

So, with that said, if you haven’t already watched the trailer, you can check it out below:

As always, we pick our 5 favourite scenes from the trailer to discuss in more detail!

5 Things From The Trailer:

A World of Pure Imagination

The trailer starts by really establishing her ‘fangirl’ and dreamer attitude in a very pleasing way and it quickly establishes the type of person she is at this point, pre-powers. While they push her love of Captain Marvel in multiple ways, the Halloween outfit of Carol Danvers’ suit appears to be her first outfit after gaining her powers! Now, as this scene is inserted into the beginning when the councillor is talking about living in a fantasy world, because we later see the outfit like a real costume, I think this scene comes much later in the series and before she gets her own costume, she uses this one and her jumping out of her bedroom window into the superhero landing is in fact, real! Or it could be part of the fantasy. Either way, I was a real hype moment!

A Different Point of View

I mentioned at the beginning of this reaction that I am always longing to see a more diversified MCU, and cinema in general to be honest, so seeing the shots of people praying in the Mosque and the cultural conflict issues with her mother about ‘what is proper’ are just all themes that really appeal to me. Kamala even states in the trailer that she doesn’t see herself reflected in what we know about superheroes, she’s a ‘brown girl’ and has no one like her to look up to, so to see her go on this journey where she becomes that missing link and eventually has others look up to her, is another exciting prospect.

An Awakening

With the Captain Marvel links, it does look like some sort of Kree artifact triggers her powers, be it transferring them to her or just awakening powers that lay dormant in her already. She is supposed to be an Inhuman, but as the Inhumans aren’t canon in the MCU or even a thing yet, I can’t see that being a factor in this series.

Shields Up!

Of course, I wanted to see her more traditional powers, but I get why they are looking to go down the cosmic route to link it up with Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau in The Marvels. I also think they want to keep the elongation powers for Mr. Fantastic for the eventual Fantastic 4 movie.

As for the look and design, it fits with the rest of the powers we’ve seen in the trailer and I love the crystal effect, which is again very different from things we’ve seen previously.

This Is Her City!

I loved that the final scene of the trailer is pulled straight from the comic book! It is such an iconic visual and having her looking over the city she now protects is just such a rewarding feeling. As she is in her final costume, this scene will more than likely take place either at the end of the series or at least towards the back end, as I can’t see her getting her costume until at least halfway through the series.

What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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