Moon Knight – Episode 6: Gods and Monsters Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review contains spoilers.

Last week’s episode was quite possibly one of my favourite episodes of all the Marvel tv series we’ve had so far, so going into the finale I had high expectations.

Gods and Monsters is pretty fast-paced and picks up straight after Marc’s death in the tomb. Harrow has got what he wanted and brings Ammit back. With only Layla left to try and bring some order she truly is the highlight of the episode. I could have happily watched an episode solely based on her here. After freeing him, she refuses Khonshu’s kind offer to be his new avatar, puts him in his place, and raises her badass-ness by temporarily joining forces with Tawaret. Avatar Layla becomes an all-out Egyptian warrior and it injected a lot of excitement into the episode. I hope this isn’t as temporary as she had planned.

In the meantime, Marc manages to reunite with Steven and they both make it back to Earth. After the revelations last week they seem completely united – bonded together in battle and the fight scenes between them and Harrow seamlessly show off how both personalities complete the picture. Marc and Steven fighting Harrow with Khonshu and Ammit in an epic battle behind them were visually pleasing and it’s not often a fight of that proportion translates as well as it did here. Throw Layla into the mix with an awesome costume and there are some moments where you’re practically squealing with joy.

The finale manages to wrap the season up neatly but some parts did just seem very convenient. As an origin story, season 1 works well in introducing us to Moon Knight. It brilliantly dealt with some severe mental health issues, sensitively and realistically. It brought in a whole new world to the MCU and its Egyptian mythology really sets it aside. AND it did all that without leaning on any familiar faces to draw its audience in. Without a shadow of a doubt, Oscar Isaac has done a stellar job.

We are teased in a mid-credits scene where a new third personality shows his face and with such a huge cliffhanger, surely a season 2 is just around the corner!?

What did you think of the Moon Knight finale and the series as a whole? Let us know in the comments!

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