Ms. Marvel – Episode One: Generation Why Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review is spoiler-free.

When Ms. Marvel was first announced I was very invested in seeing Kamala brought into live-action. Likewise, when we review the trailer, our first look added to that excitement as the trailer elements look really appealing! One thing about the trailer is that a good portion of it is made up of scenes within this first episode, so in terms of where we go next, that’s a complete mystery and I love not knowing, it just adds to the excitement!

As an introduction to this character, for those who aren’t familiar with Kamala Khan, I think this first episode does a great job of establishing who she is as a person and what we can expect to see as the series progresses. I will be amazed if everyone who watches Ms. Marvel doesn’t fall for Iman Vellani’s performance here – she is truly amazing, and it was like she was born to play this role! I think in terms of casting they have compiled a great ensemble of wonderful performers – all of whom add to the enjoyment and success of this first episode.

The use of animation is used to great effect, as not only does it help supplement the story, but it also shapes the aesthetic of the show in a very unique way. I was worried that this may have been overused, so I was relieved to find that they have really fine-tuned its usage in a way that adds to the show and ensures that it never becomes a distraction.

The cultural aspects play a huge part in the story and characters, as you’d expect, but they also have a key influence on the visuals and music as well, which I really loved! The family dynamic plays an important role in the story and puts the viewer in relatable situations. While I enjoyed the relatable aspects, I also think it is important to celebrate the differences and the representation aspects as well. By showing us something we haven’t seen yet, but something we really should have, Marvel continues to mirror its audience. Between Ms. Marvel and movies like The Eternals, the MCU is finally starting to reflect all of those who love it so passionately.

Ms. Marvel definitely feels like a unique and refreshing Marvel series that, I believe, can reach, and connect with, a vast audience – because when you strip everything back, Kamala has a love of superheroes, and her passion for this is highly infectious! She’s a superfan at the end of the day and I look forward to seeing her next steps on this incredible journey in this series and beyond!

Refreshing and visually exciting, Episode One of Ms. Marvel succeeds tremendously in introducing Kamala Khan to a wider audience, while also setting itself up as a unique and stand-out Disney+ Marvel show among the rest of its peers.

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