Obi-Wan Kenobi – Episode 6 Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review is spoiler-free.

Now that I have wiped away the tears, I can try to formulate a review – despite being an emotional wreck!

As a finale to this series, Part 6 gave me EVERYTHING that I wanted! The things I desired to see? Got it! The things I longed to hear? Heard it! It was as damn near perfect as you could ever a Star Wars story to be! As the credits rolled, not only did I want more, but it just left me with that wonderful feeling I get when I’m reminded why I love Star Wars so much!

We know that Reva was going after Luke and we know Vader was hunting Kenobi, so they are our two environments that bulk out the majority of the episode. I also think it’s not a spoiler to say that Vader and Kenobi do face-off in the episode, but McGregor said that long ago when the series was first announced, so it’s not really a spoiler. Speaking of this rematch, the lightsaber choreography and cinematography was exceptional, and as good as the fighting was, it was the lighting and music that was just as important, and all these elements made for a truly exciting and emotional lightsaber duel. There is something so special when Ewan and Hayden fight – they just have such an incredible understanding and flow.

As for the music, there has been some criticism due to the lack of John Williams themes in the series. Natalie Holt’s scores have been great throughout the series, they are VERY Star Wars, and while I don’t think the lack of Williams’ scores in Parts 1-5 have been an issue, for this final part, things are switched up and moments that could have been 8/10 and now 10/10 because they make some very important and well-timed musical choices.

There was so much payoff in this final episode, both in terms of the prequels and the original trilogy. I wish this wasn’t a spoiler-free review, as I have so many things I could list and talk about at length – but all I will say is that there is so much satisfaction to be found and I can see fans really enjoying it! As for more? This was a limited series, and maybe it is just wishful thinking, but I would genuinely love to see more, and I think they could do this and still have things lined up nicely ready for A New Hope.

A fitting end to an incredible series, Obi-Wan Kenobi is Star Wars joy in its purest form and this final episode gives the fans everything we’ve been wanting to see! May the Force be with you!

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