Ms. Marvel Episode 5: Time and Again Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review is spoiler-free.

Bring the tissues for this one – coz’ boy I wish I did!

In an emotionally charged episode, we head back into the past to learn more about Kamala’s family, in a style format that sees the titular character not appear until halfway through! So, who does the episode focus on then?

In the first half of the episode, we follow Mehwish Hayat (Aisha) and Fawad Khan (Hasan) as we learn about the circumstances which lead to their meeting. Khan is phenomenal throughout the episode and his emotional journey and performance were a joy to behold! For such a one-shot character, he sure left his imprint on the MCU. Likewise, Hayat, who has been so good in her limited role so far, is given so much screentime and is allowed to really stretch her acting wings. The duo had such fantastic chemistry, you really bought into their story.

It was also a conclusion, of sorts, to one of my favourite subplots that focuses on the mother-daughter relationships within the show. Iman Vellani (Kamala), Zenobia Shroff (Muneeba), and Samina Ahmad (Sana) all do a fantastic job with this story and the character growth is just as impressive!

As I mentioned at the start of this review, this episode is a teary one, and be it the emotional story and performances or the beautiful cinematic-esque score, Episode 5 truly hits you right in the feels! The episode also does a fantastic job of explaining so much of the backstory that it boosts the present-day narrative, so the split episode was a great way of getting so much story across in an enjoyable but useful way. This is the episode with the least amount of action; however, it did not need it!

Ms. Marvel cranks up the feels to eleven this week in an emotionally charged episode that features some of the most powerful performances you’ll see within the MCU!

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