Ms. Marvel Episode 6: No Normal Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review is spoiler-free.

Ms.Marvel season one comes to a close – but does it stick the landing or does it fumble? Spoiler – it’s the former!

I have really enjoyed my time spent watching this series. Out of all the Disney+ Marvel shows so far, I have found this has had the biggest impact on me, emotionally. Who knew that a TV show about a Muslim Pakistani teenage girl would lead to so many watery-eyed moments and goosebumps, but there you go! The power of storytelling and performances – it transcends everything!

While I have loved this series, I think, out of all the episodes so far, this finale had the most issues – in terms of some of the story and character pacing. It felt very rushed in parts, which is a shame, given how strong the writing and pacing have been up to this point. These issues, however, while a little disappointing, do not ruin the enjoyment, so I’m not getting too hung up over it. Maybe an extra episode would have been the way to fix this so the episode didn’t feel so rushed?

As for the overall story? I think they have done a fantastic job in these six episodes in bringing this character to fans old and new. The superhero origin story is always a tricky one to handle and audiences have seen so many now, that they can easily become quite samey and forgettable. But I think everyone will remember Ms.Mavel’s rise – it’s certainly one of the stronger origins in regards to storytelling and execution.

Throughout the series, there have been constant political undertones and social commentary – with a focus on the Muslim community living in modern America. There is one scene towards the end that I think was incredibly powerful and something we’ve seen over decades with any marginalised community. It was a sobering and powerful moment.

There is one moment, as the episode is wrapping up, that nearly overshadowed everything that had come before it. If you KNOW, you KNOW. I felt my heart racing and this moment actually builds on another MCU moment – seen within Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. It’s happening…

As for the ending, Ms.Marvel has been very sporadic with having a post-credits stinger, but as this is the finale, you would fully expect them to include one – which they do and is probably one of the biggest post-credit scenes out of all of the Disney+ shows so far!

So there we have it, season one of Ms.Marvel complete! We know that Kamala will return in The Marvels and it will be great to see her continue to grow and undertake this journey that she is on. Is there enough for a second season? Absolutely and this is something I am very eager to see! You feel as if we have only scratched the surface of this world and these characters, and I think there are still so many stories and cultural explorations left for the show’s creators to bring to the small screen.

The Ms. Marvel finale may have been a little rushed in parts, but it still delivered in terms of great action, iconic superhero moments, sobering political commentary, and a whole lot of heart!

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