Captain America: Civil War Trailer #1 Reaction


The trailer for Captain America:Civil War has landed and its obvious from watching it that there are tough internal struggles ahead for our beloved superheros.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here you go!

 6 Things From The Trailer:

We know that if you watch the trailer there are lots of hidden easter eggs and new characters, but we wanted to focus on what key scenes from the trailer stood out to us.

So, without further delay, here are our top six key moments from the Captain America: Civil War trailer:

Bucky Remembers


In this scene we have Bucky, Cap & Falcon, and if you are getting a sense of deja vu, that’s because its the same scene that can be found after the credits of Ant-Man.

The key thing in this scene is that he remembers his childhood friend Steve Rodgers. This will now cause conflict for Steve as despite having his childhood friend back, he is a wanted fugitive after the events in The Winter Solider.

The Sokovia Accords 


In the comics it was called the  Superhero Registration Act,  but in the MCU we have the Sokovia Accords. This legislation is at the heart of civil war and is the catalyst  that starts to divide the superhero community.

Captain America and co are against the act, which would see their powers policed and those using super powers held subject to control by a governing body. This would restrict the Avengers in how they operate and with the reveal that Hydra had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D, Captain America is certain to have trust issues with the people in charge.

Tony Stark takes a different view, that more transparency, better training and accountability are what is needed to protect the public.
Given that Tony has so far managed to create most of the villains he and the Avengers have come up against, you can see why he is looking to make amends.

Black Panther


We have already seen Black Panther’s nemesis Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) pop up in Age Of Ultron, but now we get to see the man, or cat, himself!
With the Black Panther solo movie not out until 2018, this will give us our first good look at the phase 3 character in action.

As the solo film is rumoured to be how Chadwick Boseman becomes the Black Panther, how can he be there in Civil War? Does that suggest that the solo film will be a prequel? Or could the rumours of the films plot be wrong all together?

Either way it’s great to see this character make his debut in the MCU.

Causalities Of War (Machine)


This emotive scene showing a bruised Iron Man holding the body of his friend War Machine was an interesting choice to put in the trailer.
We firmly believe he’s unconscious, rather than dead, but could this damage have been caused by a fight between War Machine and one of Cap’s team?

The look on Stark’s face could be the moment that turns his annoyance at Rodgers & Co going against them, turns to all out anger and betrayal.

Major Feels…

In a powerful display of the friendship that has been built up over the last few movies, here we see Captain America & Iron Man face off with words, and Stark doesn’t like the answer.

While its understandable that Steve is not going to give up on his childhood friend after just getting him back, you have to feel for Stark in this scene. While this climax has now been ruined slightly, you can see why they wanted it for the trailer, but maybe if they chose to leave it off, it would have a much bigger pay off on the big screen.



In what looked a fantastic fight scene, here we have Iron Man taking on both Bucky & Cap, with Iron Man fighting a losing battle.

This was a clever scene to end the trailer on as it really created that notion of a civil war where brother turns on brother.

There has also been a set of poster released for the third installment of the Captain America series. The tagline is short but sweet,  “Divided We Fall”.

Three posters have been released, with both Iron Man and Captain America getting their own individual posters, and a final double shot posters with both facing off.

You can see the posters below:

The first one we can see Captain America and Tony Stark facing off with the shield overlapping the two main stars. The colours also match their respective outfits, on Cap’s side you have the  blue and on Stark’s side you have the Iron Man red.

The main thing to take away from this poster is the fact we are seeing Captain America rather than Steve Rodgers. He is facing off in uniform against Tony Stark, not Iron Man. This cleverly worked poster ties in with the main plot of the story that causes the civil war.

So what do you think of the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War? Leave your comments below.

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