Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer Reaction #2


For those of us in the UK, we had a fantastic treat waiting for us when we got up this morning.

Hot on the heels of the recent teaser we now have our full trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and boy it did not disappoint!

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Check it out below:

Ok, so where to start?

When it comes to DC comic book movies you usually find yourself asking one question, why so serious?
Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy was a direct response to Schumacher’s Batman & Robin, two completely different visions and both a million miles apart. Given the humour in this trailer, it appears that Snyder has learned his lesson from Man Of Steel and has found a better way to present the balance of drama and humour.

Thanks to this trailer, we now get a better sense and understanding of why Batman/Wayne takes issue with Superman’s presence on Earth.
Bruce Wayne calls Kent and his paper “hypocritical” in the way they portray Superman, while Clark Kent takes issue with the type of justice handed out my The Batman in Gotham City.
This exchange helps lay down the foundations of why these two “good guys” would oppose each other, it gives a human aspect to the story.

The tone and style  of the film looks to have the right balance and mixture of story and action that will no doubt make this film a box office hit.
The fact is DC and Warner Bros. need to get their superhero franchises off the ground, while they have been creating much better TV shows than Marvel, their films are well off the pace when it comes to the big screen.

5 Things From The Trailer:

We have chosen some key scenes that we think are worth a closer look at, so lets start with…

Clark Kent, Meet Bruce Wayne


At the very start of the trailer our two heroes meet for the first time, the pleasantries are quickly brushed aside when Clark asks Bruce his thoughts on The Batman.
This is the first time we’ve got some real dialogue from Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and he does a fantastic job. He has that playboy feel to him, but he is also very obviously playing an older Bruce Wayne than we have seen before, he seems a little more colder.

In the recent trailer for DC’S Legends Of Tomorrow  we get the spline-tingly line “I’ve seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall“. Likewise in this trailer we have Bruce dropping an even bigger nod to past events. When describing his thoughts on how Superman is different to The Batman, Bruce says “Maybe it’s the Gotham City in me, we just have a bad history of freaks dressed as clowns“.
This line is fantastic, the nod to The Joker (Who The Batman will take on briefly in the Suicide Squad movie) gives an early indication that this film is due to start setting up characters and events in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Lets Talk About Lex


Luther brings Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent together at the start of the trailer, does he know who their superhero identities are? Or is it just one them?  It will be interesting to see how much he knows and the influence this gives him when the film is finally released.

It’s already been said that Jesse Eisenberg’s take on Lex Luther has a “Heath Ledger Joker” feel about it. On one hand you can sort of see that with the hair, the body language and the voice (to some extent). But this comparison can only go so far and I think it does a disservice to Jesse in this instance.
Going for a young (and hairy) Lex Luther was a big move, but also hints that they are wanting him around for the long haul and able to progress his character (and hair) not only in this film, but potentially in the Justice League movies as well.

Let Them Fight!


Many will go to watch this film to watch the seeds get planted for the Justice league & The Batman stand-alone trilogy movies. Others will just want to see The Batman and Superman pound each other to the ground. Both things will happen so nobody will leave the cinema disappointed. You are going to get plenty of story with plenty of fighting!

The image you can see above shows The Batman in a standing fight stance while Superman levitates from the floor before attacking.
They have already shown us twice now the nod to The Batman’s building pose that was taken from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, so they are going to be having a lot of fun with all the fight scenes between these two iconic characters.

One thing is for sure, both will put up a good fight with neither one coming out on top of the other. (We hope)



From the trailer it appears Lex Luther has used to body of General Zod to create one of Superman’s greatest enemies. Doomsday was created to be the perfect killing machine (And actually kills Superman in the comic The Death Of Superman).

It’s yet unclear of how much Doomsday will be based on the comic book version, but whatever the outcome this signals bad news for anyone who gets in his way.

As you can see below, the ability to use the classic laser beams from the eyes has been carried over from Zod and is a new feature for the character.

How much control Lex Luther has over Doomsday remains to be seen.

One key thing to mention about Doomsday being revealed as the ‘big bad’ is that this then leads to the scene where The Batman & Superman join forces. This was an unexpected thing to see, even though we all knew by the end of the film they would be on the same page ( to some extent). To see it towards the end of the trailer was an interesting choice to make.
Some would have preferred not to have seen it, others will complain that they know they will be friends by the end, so a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Wonder Woman To The Rescue


While the men have their tape measures out, it’s up to a woman to save the day!

Wonder Woman saves The Batman and Superman from Doomsday’s laser blast with her shield. This then gives Affleck a chance to bring a little humour (sort of) to his take on The Batman.
While we still have yet to hear Gal Gadot speak, it’s clear they are presenting Wonder Woman as a powerful female character, and rightfully so.

Given that she turns up before the last battle, its safe to assume she is only going to be used to introduce her character ready for her stand alone movie (which is currently being filmed).

So there we have it, our second look at Batman V Superman.

What did you make of the new trailer? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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