Is Darkseid Coming To The DCEU?


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

It looks like the future of the Justice League is going to be a dark one!

Thanks to Empire Magazine, we have been treated to a rather revealing image that could possibly have a big indication on what the future holds for the direction of the DCEU.

The image in questions features Batman in a familiar environment looking across at a ruined city.
But what is that on the ground? There appears to be some kind of indentation in the destroyed landscape in the distance.
As you can clearly see in this latest released image, Batman is looking down at something, a symbol.
This isn’t an unkown symbol to comic book fans though, this is very clearly Darkseid’s Omega insignia!


While this is an exciting image to see on film, does this mean that Darkseid will be in Batman v Superman?

The answer to that is doubtful, and here’s why.

First of all, the sequence in which this image has been taken from is clearly the Bruce Wayne nightmare scene. He’s wearing the jacket outfit, the toy of which is called “Nightmare Batman”.

In this post-apocalyptic vision, we also see Batman fighting some Superman guards, and flying around him are parademons, Darkseid’s warriors.
This all ties in that nicely to one sequence, this is more about setting the foundations for the Justice League movie’s rumoured main villain, Darkseid.

At the end of Avengers Assemble we got a post-credits sting of Thanos, he’s been teased for a lot of films now, and we will finally get to see him in action in the Infinity War films. The fact that DC and Warner Bros. are pulling the trigger on their ‘Big Bad’ right out of the gate is an interesting move.

Director Zack Snyder came under fire (and rightfully so) for the first full trailer of Batman v Superman. You felt like you had just watched the entire movie in two and a half minutes.
While this still feels like the case, it is nice to know that the big reveal of Doomsday is not the film’s final act.
This does however take away the importance of the Doomsdays’ reveal in the larger scheme of things. We lost our heads when Doomsday showed up, now with the hint of Darkseid, has he been made to feel less of a threat?

One thing this image does do, is set up the idea that DC and Warner Bros. could possibly head down the New Gods route. Hinting at making that jump this early on really does create a lot of buzz around the film.
Are they planning on going galactic already? Hopefully by the time the first Justice League movie is released we will get to see the inhabitants of New Genesis and Apokolips.

With all these teasers and clips, it does feel like Snyder is trying to cram a lot of backstory and setup in to one film. Hopefully this does not take away from the main narrative of the film itself, and consequently the quality of the film suffering because of it.

Marvel spent many movies planting their seeds for their big pay-offs, let’s hope that DC don’ try peak too soon.

Does the tease of Darkseid, and potentially the New Gods, excite you about the direction of the DC movies? Let us know in the comments.

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