Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Review

By Matt Williams (@mjwwales |

Here goes my first 250 word game review – ideal for people with a short attention span, like me!

That’s 18 words gone, so enjoy the remainder.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is my first foray into COD since Modern Warfare. I loved MW2, and have always stuck more to the storyline campaign mode rather than get into multiplayer. This is generally because I’m not very good, and fear that those loyal COD gamers will (literally) kill me (repeatedly).


Black Ops 3 confused the hell out of me. I hadn’t read up on the game beforehand, and expected a campaign along similar lines of MW2, maybe with some special services stuff (assuming that was where the Black Ops name came from). After the usual shoot, run, hide, shoot beginning to the game (which did look amazing) it was clear that this wouldn’t be the case.

There were frickin’ terminators coming at me!

The whole thing is set in the future, you are some sort of Robocop-style hybrid who was badly hurt but saved through being given robotic limbs, and now there are robots after me.


Slightly confusing for a smalltown boy like me, but nonetheless enjoyable. The visuals are great, the sounds are loud, the acting is cheesy and pretty naff. The game is well made but very far removed from anything I expected. There is also a Zombie minigame included which looks great.

Summary: If you like the COD franchise, and don’t mind the lack of realism, get it!


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