The Night Manager – Episode 6 Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

The Night Manager came to an explosive end on Sunday night. But did the final episode of the series give you enough closure? Are you craving more Jonathan Pine?

With the series now over, it’s time to look back on the impact of the series and whether or not it justified the money spent bringing this drama to our TV screens.

We have spoken in great length about what the series got right, you can find our previous episode reviews here.

But it is worth mentioning again the craft and vision of director Susanne Bier, who has excelled in every episode in delivering us a stylish and beautifully shot piece of television.

As final episodes go, The Night Manager literally went out with a bang, as after many weeks of build-up we finally got the big payoff we were all craving.


In terms of the ending, which was slightly different from John Le Carré’s novel, we got an optimistic ending. Good triumphing over evil, but with enough ambiguity to lead us to believe that Hugh Laurie could very much return to exact his revenge. Over 90% of the cast used is still around, so with the planned, original story in the pipeline, we can look forward to a lot of returning faces.

Did the ending feel a little too neat and tidy? Yes. Given the drama and build-up to this point, after the show had concluded its story, the aftermath felt a little underwhelming. And yes we can all comment on Tom Hiddleston’s quick-drying trousers. But this should not take away anything from this brilliant TV show.

The show sustained a high viewing figure throughout its run, and even after last week’s episode leek, the finale managed a high audience rating of 6.6 million. The show is due for release in the United States on AMC in a few weeks’ time.

With all that being said, for the last time in this current series, here is our full episode breakdown. Spoilers ahead.

We open at MI6, with the department heads trying to extract from Burr, the name of her informant. Burr makes it very clear that she knows people in the room are working with Roper, and with a confident and knowing smile, informs them she will not give up her source.


By the time Burr returns to her office, the room has been gutted and her department mothballed. Her phone rings and its Pine, alive and well and clearly still on her side. Burr makes the decision to join him Cairo to try and take down Roper once and for all.

In Cairo, Pine spots an armed guard delivering important documents for Roper. Pine needs that information, so enlists Jed to help him get it.

Roper, Pine & Sandy meet with the buyers of the weapons, one of the men at the meeting is Freddie Hamid, who we first met in episode one. He was Sophie’s boyfriend and apparent killer. Luckily for Pine, Freddie doesn’t seem to remember Pine as the lowly night manager. Lucky boy.

Burr and Steadman are now in Cairo, and manage to get a meeting with Pine in their room. Burr warns Pine that she won’t be able to get him out of trouble if things go south. Pine is ready to see this through to the end. Whatever that may be.


Pine heads to the kitchen, where he spots another familiar face. When Pine was the night manager he was but a lowly kitchen assistant, now his friend Youssef is a fully-fledged chef. After a charming embrace of friendship, Pine askes Youssef if he was still in touch with his brother and the protestors. Youssef arranges a meeting for Pine, in the hopes to sabotage the trucks filled with Roper’s deadly weaponry.

In a scene not too dissimilar from Corky’s drunken outburst in the restaurant. Eddie causes a scene in his father’s casino, and Roper suggests Pine take him home to sleep it off. Pine takes him home and reveals his true identity to Eddie, grabbing him in a chokehold and interrogating him about who killed Sophie. After confessing everything, Eddie passes out and Pine takes him into the swimming pool and drowns him. Justice for Sophie at last.

Pine meets up with the protestors and enters the compound where the weapons are being stored. Pine returns to the hotel, the audience unaware as to what transpired at the hanger with the trucks.

In the morning, Jed is caught trying to enter the safe by Roper, who has figured the whole thing out. Jed and Pine are working together. He calls in Frisky to use his ‘expertise’ on Jed to extract what he wants to know. Beaten and her head shoved underwater, Jed does not give up anything, but Roper already has his own plans for Pine.


At the hanger, Roper lures Pine to a shed where he hits him in the stomach and has his bodyguard pin Pine to a chair. He shows Pine the beaten photo of Jed, and threatens to kill her if he does not complete the transaction. Pine agrees.

Back at the hotel, Burr manages to shoot Frisky in the leg and frees Jed from her captor. Despite Pine not knowing that Jed is now safe, he proceeds with the arms deal.

Roper gives Pine the phone for the retinal verification, but unknowingly to Roper, he instead switches to the keypad and inputs a code. The code he uses is a detonation combination for the explosives he had planted in the trucks. In the distance, the trucks stop and the drivers flee. Confused, Roper looks at Pine, who simply responds with a “got you” smile and presses the call button. The trucks explode and the gangsters demand their money. When Sandy goes to check the account, the money is gone. Pine had taken it.


In a heated confrontation, Roper insults the buyers who flee the scene telling Roper that there will be consequences. Roper and Sandy take Pine back to the hotel to regroup.

As Roper enters his hotel room, it’s not Frisky or Jed he finds but Burr, sitting in his seat. The two finally meet and trade quips back and forth. The police arrive with Steadman, and Roper phones his moles at MI6, they tell him that no one can help him and hang up. Alone and without any allies, Roper is taken into police custody.

As Pine, Steadman and Burr watch Roper get put into the back of a police van, the gangsters arrive and take the van. Roper realises what’s going on, and he knows the outcome won’t be good for him. The van speeds off, leaving everyone to speculate on Roper’s fate.


Jed leaves the hotel to meet her child back home, Pine promises to meet up soon. The show ends with pine on the steps of the hotel he worked in at the start of the series, everything has come full circle, Sophie’s death avenged and Roper set to meet a fatal end.

Star of The Episode: Elizabeth Debicki. Jed goes through it all in the final episode. From trying to access the safe, to being tortured in the bath. A brilliant all-round performance.

Best Scene: Roper and Burr finally meeting. Watching Laurie and Colman go toe to toe was compelling to watch.

The Night Manager was gripping, beautifully crafted and had a cast who delivered astonishing and captivating performances week-after-week. Who knows what is next for Pine, but hopefully it won’t be too long until he returns to our screens for a second series.

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