The Dark Tower Trailer Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

Contains some book spoilers.

We’ve slapped the spoiler warning above, but it’s important to remember that The Dark Tower movie is, in fact, a sequel to the books.

Fans of the books will know, there is no way in hell that the source material could be adapted into a movie. It has TV series written all over it, which was the plan many years ago. It would have to be a very long-running TV show too. The world that King created in these books is so vast that it would take over a decade to fully do it any justice.


The producers have been clever. Making this movie a sequel is actually a very smart move. It allows them to be able to draw from the books and re-shape it in a way that it can be presented to a new, fresh audience. But how is this a sequel I hear you ask? Well, at the end of the final Dark Tower book it turns our the Roland is stuck in an infinite loop and ends up back at the start of the first book. So everything in the books happened, now with the movie comes the next cycle.

So what about the movie?

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can check it out below.

“They’ve ruined the books”, “Where’s Eddie and Susannah?”, “Why is Roland Black?” – These are but some of the quotes taken from Twitter and Youtube so far. It’s not how it should be in the books, therefore, it’s awful. Well if that’s your mindset then don’t go and see it and stick to the internet and bitch about the film until well after release.

Die-hard fans of the books may not take too kindly to what they’ve seen in the trailer. But writing this as one of those fans, I am more than ok with what I’ve seen. As stated before the books are protected by the fact this movie is a sequel. The lore in the books allows this film to be creative and take the material in new directions.

With a wealth of complex characters and story, a cinematic adaption to a mainstream audience was always going to be a tough ask. They seem to be selling the film as an action-adventure, which makes sense. The only hope is that they ground this with a well-crafted story. I have a feeling that the aim is to appeal to a wider audience with the action, get bums on seats, but as the film plays out, the emphasis on the lore and story is just as prominent as the ‘cool gunfights’. Hopefully.

As always, we take our top picks from the trailer and look at them more closely.

5 Things From The Trailer:


And The Gunslinger Followed

“The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed”. An iconic line to say the least. Here we see Idris Elba’s Roland in what appears to be a desert environment. Hopefully, this is ripped straight from the pages of the book and slapped onto the big screen.


The Dark Tower

We get a glimpse of the fabled Dark Tower. The red and black colour contrast creates a nice visual aesthetic, and it really ‘pops’ on screen. Hopefully, the tower itself is kept in the shadows as we get more trailers and posters. They need to keep that element of mystery and endgame out of sight for as long as possible.


The Man In Black

Matthew McConaughey has been perfectly cast as Walter Padick aka The Man In Black aka Randall Flagg (The Stand). He has all the attributes to truly do the character justice and then some. With Padick being such a complex and unique character, it will be very interesting to see how McConaughey handles him.



The Ka-tet is another key aspect of the books. While we are missing some key characters (much to the internets displeasure) we see Roland training Jake in the ways of The Gunslinger. If this movie proves to be a success, they plan to move forward with a sequel, you can rest assured that the Ka-tet will increase in numbers.


He Who Shoots

An important speech that carries with it more weight than just words. It’s meaning is so important to the mindset of Roland, and it is pleasing to see that this is still very much part of his character. With that aside, it was also a very stylish way to end the trailer.

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us on social media. 

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