Mera – Another DCEU Game Changer?


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

Green. Actual green. Not even the dark green, as seen in the promo shot for the Justice League movie. It’s almost like something out of a comic book….

There seems to be a definite shift to try and inject more colour into the DCEU. Patty Jenkins has already made Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman outfit more colourful, and now it seems that James Wan is following that up with Mera in Aquaman.

Both director James Wan and actress Amber Heard have released photos of Mera and so far, from what we have seen the seem to be on to a winner. Scrolling through social media, there seems to be little negativity surrounding the images. And the DCEU and online negativity usually go hand in hand.


So what about the costume itself? Straight away the colour hits you. The bright green and the flame red hair. It looks like a comic book character. Yes, there has been a creative choice to keep the DCEU a little darker and ‘real world’, but that design choice has also filtered a little into the storytelling. This, of course, has been the main point of criticism of the franchise. So just like the attempt to make the DCEU films more fun and lighter, it now seems as of that is going to also be implemented with the costume designs as well.

As mentioned above, there is a very clear design choice between this Aquaman promo shot and the one released for the Justice League movie.
The colour pallet is at opposite ends and even the design has clear differences. The scale pattern looks so much better for a start, and she looks more like her source material than the Elizabeth Banks Rita Repulsa version from Justice League.


But one costume does not make a summer. There are still questions over Zack Snyder and David Ayer’s vision within the DCEU. While Snyder sometimes struggles with storytelling, his ability to create breathtaking onscreen visuals is second to none. As for Ayer, the less said about his work on Suicide Squad the better. But with that aside, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are definitely being overseen by he right directors. James Wan is a brilliant and creative director and with Patty Jenkins in charge of the Wonder Woman movie, the future of the DCEU solo movies looks in good hands.

What do you think of the costume design? Do you think Amber Heard will do Mera justice? Let us know below. 

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